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Swingerz Golf Screenshots (GameCube)

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Opening cinematic shows some of the golf terrains in action
Main title from the opening cinematic
Opening title screen with copyright info and main players
Main menu screen
Mini-games selection screen
Selecting character for mini-games
Miho versus Carlos
Loading screen
Miho prepping for her first swing
You can zoom, move and rotate the camera at your leisure
Launching the ball from the sand pit
Near enough for a long shot
Mini-game mission selection screen
Ball camera at full speed
Mission mode in which you must get as close as 16ft from the hole with one shot
Yoshiki doesn't seem happy he failed his mission goal
Character profiles
Selecting a tournament to attend
Higher terrain is always an upper edge for a shot at distance
When close to the hole, you see a grid with animated lines displaying the angle of the terrain
Birdie, that's when you manage to pass the track in less than default number of swings
Leaderboard shows the current position of contestants after every track
Well I couldn't miss this even if I wanted to
Going straight for the hole... what'll it be, what'll it be?
Neat idea to put a small camera in the hole itself
Sometimes you can see your swing split into several smaller animations
Hm, what a predicament (the transparent purple color above the swinging bar is actually displayed terrain ahead of you)
The weather has a mind of its own, so don't count on sunny afternoons too much
Shooting from an elevated terrain
Putting towards the camera
Winning the Nanohana Cup