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Gaming Age (Oct 19, 2005)
Tak 3 is a complete package. It combines some fine storytelling, great presentation values on every level, interesting puzzles, and great platforming to make for a fun ride that doesn't leave too soon or overstay its welcome.
85 (Sep 30, 2005)
Whether you're 6 or 60, Tak: The Great Juju Challenge is a truly outstanding series addition that will please any fan of the adventure genre. The game's balanced humor ensures that players won't lose interest, and the ability to jump in and out of proceedings by a second human player definitely adds an extra dimension to what's already a great adventure platform title.
Game Chronicles (Oct 16, 2005)
Tak: The Great Juju Challenge is an extremely fun platformer with the best cooperative gameplay I’ve seen all year. All the glitches have been eliminated for yet another hilarious, family friendly addition to the Tak series. With its beautifully animated characters, lush environments, and overall artistic game design, Tak and Lok are poised to fight for the championship in The Great Juju Challenge.
N-Zone (Mar 12, 2006)
Im Grunde genommen ist Die große Juju-Jagd nichts anderes als eine aufgepäppelte Variante von Tak 2. Das Leveldesign stammt vom selben Entwicklerteam, auch die Grafik-Engine wurde recycelt. Dennoch überzeugt Teil 3 durch eigene Ideen wie die netten Teamrätsel und den Koop-Modus für zwei Spieler.
IGN (Sep 21, 2005)
- Can there really ever be too much of a good thing? Not, according to development studio Avalanche Software and publisher THQ, whose partnership has wielded two successful platformers in the original Tak universe. The continuing adventures of the pint-sized sorcerer and would-be hero to the Pupanunu people have sucked in a dedicated fan base of platformer junkies young and old alike. Now, Avalanche and THQ have created a third installment in the series, Tak: The Great Juju Challenge.
GameSpy (Sep 27, 2005)
Tak and the Great JuJu Adventure is nicely presented, features a variety of tasks and puzzles, and brings enough unique flair to keep you interested beyond the first switch/tile/door thingamabob. Its multiplayer co-op hook is also a nice hook for getting brothers and sisters or moms and dads involved as a sidekick for a little family game action. That's never a bad thing.
Technisch sieht Tak sehr ordentlich aus. Die ganze Welt und auch das Design erinnern stark an Ubi Softs Rayman. Der Charakter ist lustig animiert und die Texturen der einzelnen Welten sind schön aufgelöst. Teilweise ruckelt es, unspielbar wird es deswegen aber nicht. Eine deutsche Sprachausgabe sowie ein gutes Tutorial sind ebenso vorhanden. Die Musik ist wohl am besten mit “Bongo“ beschrieben. Wenn es mal zu einem heftigeren Kampf mit einem Endgegner kommt, mischt sich auch eine E-Gitarre unter die Trommeln. Tak ist sicher kein schlechtes Spiel, hat aber gegen die Großen des Genres wenig Chancen.
76 (Oct 23, 2005)
Hopefully for their inevitable fourth outing; which for the sake of the franchise will hopefully be next-generation only, Avalanche will be able to take what they have now established in the first three titles and create something truly fresh and remarkable. The material is strong; it’s just time for the gameplay to match the quality of the presentation. With that being said, this is by no means a bad game and if you are a fan of the series or even just a fan of platformers, Tak and the Great Juju Challenge is worth checking out.
GameZone (Oct 14, 2005)
While this is Tak’s third adventure, it is our family’s first encounter with him. We’ve been wanting to play an adventure with Tak – he looks like a fun-lovin’ dude. Well, we have had fun with Tak, but not quite as much as we had hoped. It’s time for the Great Juju Challenge, a special tournament played every 60 years in honor of the Moon Juju goddess. This tournament is where competing teams from different tribes get together to demonstrate who’s really the best. Tak and Lok have been chosen to represent the Pupanunu tribe, and may the tribe with the best Juju win!Tak is the brains of the outfit, and Lok is the muscle. Tak’s expertise lies in spell-casting, and while Lok also can use magic, his main contribution in the beginning is the fact that he can pack a mean punch. When they first begin their adventure, they don’t have any spells, but as they progress they will gain new spells and abilities. This is a team competition, and Tak and Lok will play as a team for the entire game.
Cubed3 (Mar 08, 2006)
Whilst not being the world's most inventive platform adventure on the market, the clever use of character interaction and speed challenges keeps the whole game fresh. If it was not for the rudimentary basics of the genre not being spruced up, then this would be a definite for recommendation. Instead it turns into a 'rent' or 'find cheap' sort of game.
Jolt (UK) (Mar 18, 2006)
Nonetheless, it’s hard to squabble with a title that lets you slide down endless vines before flying off to whack a few enemies around the head with a large mallet. If that sounds at all immature, then that’s entirely appropriate. Platform titles on the whole are still finding their feet a decade on from the dimensional leap that was almost forced upon them. To Avalanche Software’s credit, The Great Juju Challenge represents a valid step towards a final acclimatisation.
AceGamez (May 31, 2006)
Tak: The Great JuJu Challenge takes a fairly average platforming formula and puts a unique turn with it, making each level a race against the clock where speed is of the essence, but so is exploration. Other than that, there isn't anything strikingly new in this game, but if you are a fan of the genre or the Tak TV show, there is enough here to make it worth a look, and while the addition of co-op play and characters with unique abilities that must work together to solve puzzles isn't original, it is certainly very well implemented here, making this a light-hearted bit of gaming fun for platform fanatics of all ages, but ideally suited to the kiddies.
What can be said in conclusion? Well, you probably won't have much reason to replay this game after you beat it, as there is no reason to do so that I am aware of and the game lacks the addictiveness of Super Mario Bros. 3 or even Super Mario 64, but the game is fun while it lasts and seems to have a fair length to it. If you are a fan of the previous Tak games, you'll probably enjoy this one as well, and if you are a fan of platformers, it is also worth looking into.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 23, 2005)
Tak: The Great Juju Challenge is respectable with some high moments, but the last set of levels aren’t quite as fun, and the final Proving Grounds battle is outright frustrating and repetitive. Since the game can be easily beaten in a day or two, it may be best as a rental.
Nintendo Spin (Mar 29, 2006)
The original Tak is one of my least favorite current generation platformers. Then Tak 2 came along and got some fairly decent ratings from game journals like IGN. So I'm not so sure where Tak 3 fits into this. Again, it's just average, mediocre, generic fluff with a heavy tint of annoyingness. Fortunately, the game is so forgiving, it's hard to stay mad at it. With a half-decent co-op mode included, Tak 3 has more charm than Tak 1 ever could achieve. But a problematic game is still a problematic game, no matter how many people get involved. If you really want good co-op, check out the Four Swords Adventure or LEGO Star Wars. Tak 3 is strictly last resort bargain material.
65 (Feb 17, 2006)
Même si la série n'est pas dénuée de charme, on se rend bien compte que les épisodes de Tak se suivent et finissent par se ressembler un peu trop. Bien que le système de progression ait subit quelques modifications, le déroulement de l'aventure ne nous étonne pas assez et laisse un sentiment de déjà-vu. Reste heureusement les bonnes idées inhérentes à la progression en duo, avec notamment la possibilité de jouer à deux simultanément.
GameSpot (Sep 29, 2005)
Tak 3: The Great Juju Challenge is the third iteration of the Nickelodeon-fueled Tak franchise, which focuses on a young (or maybe he's old--but he's certainly cute either way) tribal boy named Tak and his dopey buddy Lok. The story centers around a competition that happens once each generation, called, you guessed it, The Great Juju Challenge, which tasks competitors with completing various levels, competing in vehicle destruction challenges, beating the clock, and scoring the maximum number of points. The gameplay focuses on the balance between Tak and Lok's different moves and how they work together, and you can play single-player with the computer's help, or you can play split-screen cooperative mode with another player. Tak 3 certainly has some adorable moments, but they're overshadowed by a frustrating design and sloppy gameplay mechanics. If you're looking for a fun and interesting platform experience that won't infuriate you, you can do much better than Tak 3
50 (Mar 12, 2006)
Tak: The Great Juju Challenge will please fans of the series, particularly when played with a fiend. The co-op nature of the gameplay causes a few problems if tackled alone, and the camera takes some getting used to, but the characters and story are often humorous enough to make persevering worthwhile. It's no classic, but it's certainly a game kids should enjoy.