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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (5 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Game Vortex (Jan, 2006)
Red Hot Rumble is more of the same over-the-top action melee game that the series is known for. If you like the other Viewtiful Joe titles, then this game is right up your alley.
NZGamer (Apr 09, 2006)
Originally one of the “Capcom 5” (which quickly became the ‘Capcom 4’ after Dead Phoenix was cancelled), Viewtiful Joe wowed gamers with its stylish 2D graphics and hard gameplay. Since then, Viewtiful Joe has seen a sequel and two ports. And now we have Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble, the first multiplayer entry in the series. Disappointingly, the single player game is the same as the multiplayer mode, apart from playing against AI opponents in the story battles. In this side story, the VJ gang is auditioning to be the hero in a movie. The premise is simple - pass a handful of mini-games where everyone must compete for the most points.
GameZone (Dec 01, 2005)
Even though I have mentioned some negatives parts of RHR a score of 7.2 is still a good, decent score. The game has some amazing graphics and a style that is hard to match. If you’ve never played a Viewtiful Joe game and you want a quick experience then RHR is a good place to start. The main course of the meal is still found in the first two Joe games but RHR is nice addition to the series. It’s just unfortunate that RHR doesn’t capture the same fun and excitement of the first two Joe games.
Gaming Target (Dec 12, 2005)
If you are looking for a brawling action game with frantic hints of mini-game meyhem, then Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble is for you. It mixes up the unique platforming action style of the Viewtiful Joe series by throwing in multiplayer combat and shifting the gameplay from traditional side scrolling fare to head-to-head competition. Be warned, if you are looking for another adventure in the vein of the first two VJ titles you will come out of Red Hot Rumble a little bit disappointed.
GamePro (US) (Nov 10, 2005)
That's not to say the game is ugly--Red Hot Rumble still retains that vibrant, Viewtiful style. And despite the myriad of sprites and enemies flying around the screen, amazingly the game never seems to lag or slowdown. In those moments where you can actually see what you're doing, it's satisfying to crush opponents with your special moves--so long as you ignore the repetitive, corny "eat this!" lines. Red Hot Rumble will likely be remembered as an amusing, if not inconsequential, fighting game detour of the franchise. Of course, you can expect Capcom to respond with more platformer installments.
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble is a blast to play in the company of friends and you would have to search far and wide to find a fighting game that’s as frenetic and as downright insane. It may be directly inspired by Smash Bros., but not even Nintendo’s brawler can match up to the visual excesses and overwhelming action presented here. The very chaotic nature that makes it great with multiple players, however, also contributes to its easy and unbalanced fighting engine. Ít’s unfortunate that the game isn’t a more complete package, but the enjoyment to be had with four players certainly makes it worthy of consideration. If you’re lacking in either friends or controllers, don’t bother.
Thunderbolt Games (Dec 08, 2005)
Fans of the series might be surprised with what Red Hot Rumble brings to the gaming table. Instead of the usual Viewtiful Joe single-player action, it presents gamers with an odd blend of multiplayer aspects that have served previous games well. Super Smash Bros. Melee gamers will pick up on the item system easily, whereas the revelers of the Mario Party series will recognize the minigame setup from the start. That being said, you might want to have some friends over if you really want to get the most out of this game. Does such emphasis on multiplayer make it a bad game? Not necessarily. But solo gamers who’ve been spoiled with previous games may not appreciate the new gameplay style. Thus Viewtiful Joe’s epic saga continues, with justice and style for all.
This is a game carried away with its own silliness, and your enjoyment is going to be based on how willing you are to go along for the ride.
Con Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble nos queda una sensación de amarga decepción por lo que pudo dar de sí y no consigue. Jugando uno o dos llegaremos a experimentar las sensaciones que creemos que Clover Studio quería transmitir porque la confusión es menor. Pero con varios jugadores, donde realmente se amortizan este tipo de juegos, Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble fracasa estrepitosamente y acaba por provocar apatía, lo que nunca debería expresar un juego. Una pena, porque el juego está realmente bien trabajado y pensado, pero falla en lo primordial.
GameSpot (Nov 07, 2005)
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble is just a bit too crazy for its own good. It packs in all the style of the Viewtiful Joe games, which is great, but there just isn't enough room on the screen to contain the action. The gameplay is a mess of bright colors and unsatisfying button mashing. The game's heart is in the right place, but it just lacks focus and feels disorganized. Viewtiful Joe fans will appreciate the characters, as well as the look and feel of the game. But as a fighting game, Red Hot Rumble just isn't very satisfying.
67 (May 22, 2006)
Mal ehrlich: Ich will mich einfach mit Stil und möglichst ausufernder Zeitlupe durch witzig designte Levels prügeln, nicht gegen CPU-Kollegen um die Wette Münzen sammeln oder Blümenkübel zertreten. Das ist zwar nicht zuletzt aufgrund der lässigen Präsentation eine Zeit lang ganz unterhaltsam, auf Dauer hingegen so abwechslungsreich wie das Programm von Neun Live. Mal ganz davon abgesehen, dass die Scharmützel ab drei Kämpfern derart weit rausgezoomt werden und damit unnötig unübersichtlich werden, dass pures Pixelraten angesagt ist – worauf ich keine große Lust habe. Die Entwickler wären wesentlich besser beraten gewesen, das klassische Spielprinzip auf die PSP zu übertragen und nicht unbedingt für jede Plattform einen eigenen Brei zu kochen. Das ist nämlich eine der sichersten Möglichkeiten, eine einstmals saucoole Serie langsam ausbluten zu lassen.
65 (Mar 10, 2006)
Loin d'égaler l'efficacité des volets classiques de la série, cet opus de Viewtiful Joe orienté multijoueur est appréciable pour sa dimension conviviale, mais son gameplay confus n'est pas suffisamment solide pour rivaliser sereinement avec Super Smash Bros Melee. Le soft de Capcom constitue malgré tout un bon moyen de se divertir entre amis, mais il ne fera pas date dans la catégorie des jeux de combats en arènes.
Nintendojo (Dec, 2005)
What's most disappointing about Red Hot Rumble is that the developers' hearts are in the right place. They love this world, they continue to recreate it wonderfully, and they know the primary ingredients are style, cheesy humor, and over-the-top action. The sheer creativity in some stage objectives-- all very Joe-flavored-- demonstrate great ideas and initiative, and are immediately engaging and appropriate at the start, but disappointing in the follow through. You'll sincerely want to accomplish goals, unlock characters, and share the experience with friends, but the game's got so much on its spinning plate there's no way to grow reasonably accustomed to any one aspect, and it's far too frenetic to be pick-up-and-play friendly. There is a lot to unlock, and the entrancing world of Joe's begs you to stick it through, but frustration and being overwhelmed win out in the end.
Lawrence (Nov 21, 2005)
I can think of no reason to recommend this game, considering that Smash Bros. is the same basic concept, yet executed infinitely better. Hardcore Viewtiful Joe fans may have a good time battling with their favorite characters, but everyone else should steer clear.
60 (2006)
Sympathique, cet épisode risque pourtant d'apparaître bien vite redondant. Espèrons que l'épisode Revolution ne poursuive pas dans ce style, ou que Clover revoit sa copie d'ici là.
Meristation (Mar 13, 2006)
Los incondicionales de Joe seguramente se lanzarán a las tiendas nada más aparezca para hacerse con su copia, pero hemos de advertir que es un juego bastante distinto a los anteriores en muchos aspectos y puede no cumplir con lo que se espera.
Yahoo! Games (Nov 18, 2005)
For a game that manages to capture the look and personality of Viewtiful Joe, Red Hot Rumble is strangely demanding and uncompromising. As you adjust to what's going on, the hyper zen of it all can come together, but getting there will take patience, practice, and more patience. And that's not exactly an asset for a party game. Maybe in the end, Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble really is for hyperactive 13-year-olds hopped up on Twizzlers and Mountain Dew.
GamesRadar (Mar 27, 2006)
It's not like Red Hot Rumble is a total waste. The goals, while repetitive, offer more than a typical four-way smasher, but damn, it's hard to keep things straight. For gamers who like things categorically insane, you're looking at a go-to, button-mashy party game.
60 (Nov 11, 2005)
As a Viewtiful Joe fan, I’m pretty disappointed in Red Hot Rumble. The game isn’t bad, but it isn’t great, either. It’s average, when it gets down to it, really. It has its ups and downs, offering both a lot of action, challenge and excitement, but at the same time it offers the same amount of frustration, lack of options and just an overall lack of depth. Those looking for a fun party game will be surprised to read that Red Hot Rumble might be it. It’s not quite a fighter so it falls in this confused category. Overall, it’s not worth buying, but for absolute Viewtiful Joe fans, renting is a good option.
60 (UK) (Jan 03, 2006)
That idea - of grafting VJ's mechanics and VFX powers onto the skeleton of Smash Bros. - sounds wonderful on paper. But as with all such procedures there are downsides, and RHR has had more than a facial transplant. There's a mess of nerves that throb confusedly beneath its borrowed face. It looks about right, certainly, but you'll need more than immunosuppressants to stop your face exploding in outrage half the time. So, in the end, the door stays shut.
Cubed3 (Mar 12, 2006)
Some may believe that I am being overly harsh on this game, but Clover Studios can definitely do much better, as is evident in the recent Nintendo DS version of VJ. Churning out a Smash Bros. clone is not as easy as some may think and whilst there are sparks of enjoyment hidden in Red Hot Rumble, ultimately it is too much of a let down. Please post your comments below.
60 (Sep 15, 2006)
Although the game looks like a real Viewtiful Joe game, it feels and plays different and it gets boring after a few matches. It does not even get close to Super Smash Bros: Melee or Soul Calibur 2. It is no real Viewtiful Joe game and also fails as a button bashing fighting game. This game falls in between these two categories and will not be able to convince the fans of these kinds of games. As a Viewtiful Joe fan, the best you can do is get part one or two from the shelf instead of Red Hot Rumble. The competitive element is nice for a change and might be a good extra for a possible Viewtiful Joe 3.
GameSpy (Nov 11, 2005)
This Viewtiful Joe may be too hot for TV, but it has already won the hearts, minds, and is currently cultivating ganglion cysts in the thumbs of fans; they're likely to be very happy with this fourth offering in the franchise. More casual GameCube-owners have such a limited choice of games, this is likely to be in your collection, especially if you bought Geist in the vain hope it wouldn't suck. But for everyone else (including fighting game fans not ready to devote days to straining and training your eyes and hands in supreme coordination), the view in this Viewtiful Joe is no longer beautiful; it's an eyesore in the "optometrical" sense of the word, and the cheap-ass player can mash his way to victory just as easily as the button-tapping professional. Only those with 20-20 vision, muscular thumbs, weeks of free time, and patience in overlooking overloaded graphical offerings need apply.
Cheat Code Central (Nov, 2005)
Red Hot Rumble is a little too "off the map" to recommend to those with patient, methodical and analytical minds. Loading the game into your machine is like unleashing Pandora's box. You'll either love it or loath it. Keep the aspirins handy in case of headaches.
Deeko (Nov 26, 2005)
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble if anything, suffers from one thing: Too much for too little. The gameplay itself is nothing more than a fancied up button mashing tournament with a sense of claustrophobia so apparent, you'll be looking to open a window after the first ten minutes, just for some fresh air. Maybe this game should have been entitled, Viewtiful Joe: Cabin Fever Combat.
Sure, it looks nice and there is a lot of variety in the mission objectives, but nothing outside of blind luck will get you through a battle. Super Smash Brothers this ain't.
Game Shark (Dec 12, 2005)
In the end, Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble retains the style of Capcom's Viewtiful Joe series perfectly, but doesn't back it up with a very deep action experience. While some Viewtiful Joe fans will get a kick out all the characters and the overall presentation, most gamers will fee dazed and confused after playing this game. Give it a rental if you're not one of those ardent and faithful VJ fans.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 04, 2005)
In the end, Red Hot Rumble is all flash and no substance, something that the Viewtiful Joe franchise has never been about. Gone are the side-scrolling levels and intense action of the first two games; in their place is a bunch of mush that Capcom is trying to pass off as a Smash Bros. clone. To this I say, “Henshin a’no-no, baby!”
IGN (Nov 11, 2005)
Red Hot Rumble is a rare, baffling game that is not nearly as good as the sum of its parts. It's got a great cast of fighters and a complementary roster of surreal battle environments. Its fighting mechanics are intuitively operated and very flexible. It should be fun. And yet it usually isn't. As a single or two-player game, it has its moments. There are signs of its true potential. When you execute a VFX power and the action slows to show Joe flipping through the air in mid-combo, it's difficult not to appreciate the style and elegance of the in-game presentation. But even as a two-player brawler, these moments are hard to find.
Gaming Age (Dec 02, 2005)
You can play the game through the story by yourself, too, and that makes the action a lot easier to figure it out. So if you're a fan of the earlier games, this version has more of what you liked. And playing against one other player isn't as messy as playing against four. But ultimately, the entire game can be played almost as well with frantic button presses as it can with careful use of the available moves and powerups. And even without a four player assault on the eyes, the action has moved from the colorful but manageable chaos of the early games to an over-saturated assault.
Plus qu'un coup d'épée dans l'eau, Viewtiful Joe : Red Hot Rumble marque une étape supplémentaire dans la plongée aux enfers qu'opère la série. Bordélique à souhait, et au final, frustrant à mort, le titre raté de Clover ne mérite pas qu'on s'y attarde. Surtout quand un certain SSBM, même s'il ne tape pas tout à fait dans le même registre, est disponible depuis quelques années déjà sur la même machine...
Gamekult (Jan 27, 2006)
Il ne suffit pas d'avoir les bons ingrédients, de tout verser dans le shaker et de tout secouer pour obtenir un titre de la trempe de Super Smash Bros. Melee... Si Viewtiful Joe : Red Hot Rumble partait sur une bonne base, il s'avère assez décevant dans la pratique avec des affrontements beaucoup trop brouillons et dénués de toute technique. Heureusement, l'habillage haut en couleur propre à l'univers de Joe et son ambiance déjantée parviennent un peu à sauver les meubles, mais le tout manque de cohérence pour réussir à convaincre. Dommage.
GameDaily (Dec 19, 2005)
Viewtiful Joe: Red Hot Rumble is a clear example of a game that has its say on the planning stages and yet comes out completely different on the other, as it just never reaches the enjoyment level of the first two chapters in the series. Perhaps with the next-generation, Clover will stick with what works and give us another side-scrolling epic advanced well beyond its means, and not something ridiculous like Viewtiful Joe Soccer or what have you. Stick with what you do well, and don't toy to be something else. That's where the originality of the gaming world thrives.
Gameplanet (May 05, 2006)
While Single Mode does come off a lot less confusing, its also a lot less fair. You're playing the kind of game -- and mini-games -- that are only fun if you're playing it with friends. Tapping the right button in a mini-game before the CPU controlled character isn't a test of who's faster, its a test of what difficulty the CPU is set to. Graphics and sound stay consistant with previous games in the series, but apart from the movies that look like they were taken straight from the anime series, we've seen it all before. If you enjoy playing games that test your hunting skills as much as your patience this might just be a game for you. If you're a die-hard Viewtiful Joe fan there might be enough packed into the fast-paced confusion fest to warrant a purchase, otherwise stick with the prequels.