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What Improvements Has "Blue Storm" Made Over It's 64-bit Cousin? So Hai (371) 3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars3.2 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (30 votes) 3.7

Critic Reviews

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The Video Game Critic (Jun 28, 2007)
Blue Storm is tough, but once you get "in the zone", it provides an adrenaline rush few other racers can match. There's an addictive championship mode for the single player, and a four-player split screen to entertain your friends. A stupid commentator spouts pointless stuff like "Alright keep doing it just like that!", but thankfully he can be turned off. As a fan of arcade-style water games, Wave Race Blue Storm ranks as one of my all-time favorite GameCube titles.
(Japanese version)
Wave Race: Blue Storm ist bedingt durch seine superbe Optik, die klasse Steuerung und das unkomplizierte Gameplay ein Must Have-Titel für den lange herbeigesehnten GameCube-Launch.
(German version)
Freunde anspruchsvoller Rennspiele müssen bei Wave Race: Blue Storm einfach zugreifen - Extraklasse in Scheibenform!
IGN (Nov 16, 2001)
The sequel to what was perhaps the best racer on the N64 has arrived for GameCube. Wave Race: Blue Storm premiers as the first racer on Nintendo's next-generation console, and is so well crafted we expect it to stay ahead of the competition for years to come. Developed by NST, Blue Storm has little trouble following in the footsteps of the N64-classic and delivers a deep, rewarding experience to those willing to beat the learning curve.
NGC Magazine (May, 2002)
Nit-picking aside, Wave Race is arguably the best racer on any console right now. It might be just a sequel, but its forefather stood head and shoulders above the rest of its genre for four years and a complete console generation. Don't bet against Blue Storm repeating the feat.
NGC Magazine (Dec, 2001)
A few niggles, but they're a drop in the ocean compared to the sublime, eye-popping racing on offer. Storming.
89 (May 03, 2002)
Mit Wave Race: Blue Storm ist das so eine Sache. Einerseits hat eine Jetski-Raserei seit dem Nintendo-64-Original nicht mehr so einen Spaß gemacht. Selbst das gelungene Splashdown für PlayStation 2 kann da nicht im geringsten mithalten. Das Handling der Fahrzeuge geht gewohnt gut von der Hand, die Grafik ist schnell und ruckelfrei, der Wassereffekt schlichtweg brillant. Und die Motivation, immer noch einen Tick schneller zu fahren ist enorm, weil die präzise Steuerung und die authentisch umgesetzte Physik der Jet-Skis noch genug Raum für Verbesserungen lässt. Doch leider mangelt es Wave Race: Blue Storm an Umfang: Acht Strecken sind trotz diverser Streckenverläufe (es ergeben sich daraus 19 Streckenverläufe) etwas zu wenig. Schade auch, dass die Streckenrandoptik so schlicht geraten ist - ganz in Gegensatz zur Wasser-Pracht. Der Mehrspieler-Modus verliert aufgrund nicht vorhandener CPU-Konkurrenz schnell seinen Reiz.
Gamer's Pulse (Dec 03, 2001)
Wave Race: Blue Storm is superbly extended from the original, with emphasis placed primarily upon greatly improved fluid physics and water appearance. As with the first, simply feeling the way a craft moves in the water is quite pleasurable and frankly addicting. Even after finishing all three race seasons and mastering the stunt mode, you’ll go for yet another spin. Also, four-player support makes this one of the first and best multi-player experiences for the new machine (until Smash Bros. is released). For racing fans, this is a good reason to seriously consider purchasing a shiny new Gamecube. For those who’ve already set down the cash, shelling out another $50 is highly recommended.
N-Zone (Jul 06, 2003)
Nachdem ich schon den N64-Vorgänger bis zum Umfallen gezockt hatte, freute ich mich besonders auf die GameCube-Version. Und ich wurde nicht enttäuscht. Tolle Grafik, wechselndes Wetter während des Rennens und eine exzellente Steuerung machen richtig Laune. Noch besser hätte ich es allerdings gefunden, wenn Nintendo dem Spiel mehr als sieben Strecken spendiert hätte, zumal diese auch noch auf Originalstrecken basieren. Sei’s drum: Blue Storm ist ein klasse Spiel und wenn ihr ein gutes Rennspiel sucht oder Fans des Originals seid, dann solltet ihr zugreifen.
Gaming Target (Nov 27, 2001)
To help flesh out the gaming experience is a top notch sound palette. The sound effects are crisp and clear and remind me of actually being down at the lake on a hot summer day. There is one drawback to listening to this game though; the voice overs get repetitive. Every buoy that you pass during a race prompts a response from your pit chief and their vocal repertoire is somewhat limited. This gets old rather quickly but fortunately is not too hard to tune out. Really, it is a minor flaw on this beautifully polished title.
Consoles Plus (Nov, 2001)
Outre les améliorations graphiques bien senties, Wave Race n'a pas changé. La jouabilité imprécise empêche de prendre tout le plaisir que l'on attendait.
Consoles Plus (May, 2002)
Plutôt fun et joli, ce Wave Race plaira aux amateurs de glisse aquatique. Mais il risque de lasser les moins motivés.
Nintendo Difference (Nov 20, 2001)
Un jeu qui devra, à l'instar de Crazy Taxi sur Dreamcast, faire partie de votre logithèque, on y revient sans problème pour découvrir toujours de nouvelles choses!
85 (Dec 21, 2003)
When the original Wave Race debuted on the Nintendo 64, it became an instant hit. The game received acclaim from almost everyone for its great physics, tight control, and awesome visuals. Zap ahead to the GameCube launch, when Wave Race: Blue Storm finally arrived, the long awaited sequel to the N64 classic. Everything about Blue Storm has been beefed up and the game easily follows in the wake of its predecessor. Wave Race Blue Storm was surely one of the best games available at GameCube's launch. Overall Wave Race Blue Storm is a very solid and enjoyable title, with only a few minor problems that can get in the way. This game is definitely one to consider purchasing, especially if you're looking for a great water-based racer, since it's the only one available for the GameCube right now.
My only strikes against the game are that the levels are eerily familiar to the Nintendo 64 game (a little originality would have been nice), and the graphics aren’t quite as clean as many of the other games we’ve seen on GameCube. Overall though, Blue Storm is a great time that will have GameCube fans getting wet for a long time.
85 (May 15, 2002)
Un jeu que l'on aspire à découvrir au départ pour son excellente qualité visuelle qui affiche une physique de l'eau bluffante de réalisme, mais qui dévoile au final des trésors en terme de gameplay et de sensations. Wave Race Blue Storm constitue un excellent divertissement, fun, convivial, et même très technique, qu'il convient de se procurer pour ne pas passer à côté d'une perle rare.
GameSpot (Nov 06, 2001)
Wave Race 64 burst onto the scene back in 1996 shortly after the launch of the Nintendo 64 and made a big splash with critics due to its stunning graphics, lifelike wave physics, and tight control. Always a company that knows a good thing when it sees it, Nintendo decided that a sequel was in order for the launch of the GameCube and placed the franchise into the hands of one of its North American teams, NST. The result is a game that borrows heavily from the original but provides an eye-watering racing experience that can't be found in any other game.
Retro Game Age (Oct 29, 2014)
Despite being a GameCube launch title Wave Race Blue Storm still held the title as the best water based racing game of the generation. While it doesn’t reach the same height as its predecessor it is an excellent sequel and a game that is definitely worth tracking down.
Geeks Under Grace (Sep 13, 2014)
While Wave Race 64 was a must play on the N64, I don’t recommend Blue Storm as a must play on the GameCube. It is beautiful and fun but, the difficulty can be pretty hard for most gamers. Overall, you should check it out.
80 (UK) (May 02, 2002)
Blue Storm provides a nice challenge for those of you who have been waiting since the 64-bit version to take it for a burn, but casual racing fans may want to steer clear. The controls, physics and visuals are all of the utmost high quality, and the engine noises and audio accompaniment, both from your coach and the track announcer are crystal clear. There's even a chap with a British accent, so bonus points there. There are a lot of extras to uncover apart from the tricky single player circuits, and overall it's an accomplished release. If jet-ski racing tickles your fancy, buy this.
GameSpy (Nov 21, 2001)
Wave Race: Blue Storm is a fun GameCube romp that'll you and your mates will enjoy. It's not earth-shaking entertainment, but you'll have a damn good time. And after all, isn't that the point?
UOL Jogos (Dec 12, 2001)
Talvez Wave Race: Blue Storm tenha sido a maior decepção do GameCube não por ser um dos piores jogos, mas por ser tão diferente da versão para Nintendo 64, espantando aqueles que esperavam uma experiência tão intuitiva e simples como seu antecessor. Mas com seus suaves 30 quadros por segundo e oito pistas em cinco climas diferentes, Wave Race é o jogo exato para quem quer um game de corrida bem desafiador.
The Age (May 30, 2002)
Gameplay has you selecting a rider and watercraft (they look exactly like jetskis); each has varying specs. Before you head on to the water there is a tutorial that did nothing but confuse this player, with too many button combinations to comprehend in one sitting - "accelerate" and "turn" are the only moves you really need to begin. Once you've entered Championship mode, your objective is to get around the course as quickly as possible. There is a catch; make sure you pass the buoys on the correct side, miss five and you're disqualified. Varying weather conditions mean that you may have to complete the course battling twometre swells in the rain. If flatout speed is not your thing, head to Stunt mode to perform outlandish tricks. If taking in the ambience is more your style, switch to Free Roam mode. Up to four players can compete
GamePro (US) (Nov 15, 2001)
Wave Race’s stellar performance on the N64 made it one of that system’s all-time classics, and now it’s returning to help debut the GameCube.
Blue Storm is either a testament to the original Wave Race’s brilliance, or Nintendo didn’t put much thought into this sequel. Other than the obvious graphical leap, this is the same game all over again.
Netjak (May 22, 2002)
Wave Race: Blue Storm mixes the elements of pure racing with stunt action to appease a wide variety of gamers. The game is basically identical in gameplay as its predecessor with additions that make it truly a singular release. The modes are broken down into five main areas. Championship is the bread-and-butter of the game where you compete against an array of skilled competitors. Each rider has unique attributes that target things such as speed, tricks and stability.
Oldies Rising (Nov 27, 2013)
Wave Race Blue Storm n'est donc pas un mauvais jeu, il est vraiment propre sur le plan graphique et les courses sont sympathiques une fois son gameplay maîtrisé. Son gros point noir vient de sa durée de vie beaucoup trop faiblarde et des conditions météo assez mal amenées dans un mode championnat trop court. On ne retrouve pas non plus l'excellent pilotage de l'opus 64 et le turbo nuit finalement à l'expérience de jeu. Malgré ses défauts, on s'y amuse pourtant et il s'avère plutôt sympathique à ressortir pour de courtes sessions.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (May 08, 2003)
Jag hade väntat mig lite mer av det här spelet med tanke på hur otroligt välgjort och visuellt slående föregångaren var. Blue Storm är trots detta inte alls ett dåligt spel, tvärtom. Detta är ett väldigt underhållande, ruskigt beroendeframkallande racingspel.
Nintendo Life (Jan 02, 2006)
A great game that starts off just OK; mainly because of the unfortunately complicated control system, unlike the original game.
Retrogaming History (Jul 20, 2009)
Contrapponendosi all'immagine spensierata dei piloti ed alla solarità delle ambientazioni, il cuore di WRBS è molto più impegnativo di quanto visto prima ed il distacco dal passato è netto. Chissà, il successo del primo Wave Race forse non si sarebbe potuto neanche bissare a causa dell'esaurimento dell'effetto novità e per la manciata di piste, per l'epoca soddisfacente, che oggi va considerata semplicemente inadeguata.
Gamezone (Germany) (Oct 02, 2001)
Spielerisch ist Waverace - Blue Storm auch sehr nah an der N64 Version. Echte Fans werden mit diesem Spiel ihre Freude haben, zumal man nun auch zu viert gegeneinander antreten kann. Der Streckenaufbau ist sehr anspruchsvoll und man braucht schon seine Zeit bis man sich richtig eingefahren hat. Somit ist Langzeitmotivation garantiert. Fazit: Für Fans der N64-Version ein muss. Alle anderen sollten sich das Game erst mal anschauen, bevor sie es blind kaufen...
Game Revolution (Nov, 2001)
Although Wave Race: Blue Storm is a little too plain for the more mature gamer, it's about right for the less discerning fan. It's a good looking game with very easy to handle gameplay. Trademark Nintendo all the way.

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