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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.3
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.2
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.8
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.5
Overall User Score (5 votes) 4.1

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None the less, through all its shortcomings, DoR2 still comes out on top a solid grappler by far. Graphically, the game is beautifully stunning. These top-notch graphics are backed up by an enhanced and much received game play engine as well as healthy roster of rising new superstars to choose from. More importantly, this is a game that can easily coincide underneath the same roof as the highly praised Smackdown series simply because it offers gamers a different twist on wrestling as opposed to its alter ego. If you're very serious about the wrestling genre of games Day of Reckoning 2 is definitely not a game to be idly passed up. Its strong presentation and innovation easily earn this grappler a solid 4.5 GiN gems.
GameZone (Sep 19, 2005)
Day of Reckoning 2 isn’t a radical departure from what we played last year but it continues to remain a great wrestling franchise on the GameCube and this is the game that truly proves that. Sure we would like to see a different approach to the game’s story mode but what’s here is not only better but still way too much fun. You can’t go wrong with this one, wrestling fans.
4Players.de (Sep 28, 2005)
Day of Reckoning 2 macht genau da weiter, wo der Vorgänger aufgehört hat – zumindest im Hinblick auf die Storyline im stark verlängerten Karriere-Modus, der dieses Jahr auch kleinere Einflussmöglichkeiten erlaubt. Mit einer nochmals verfeinerten Steuerung sowie einer gewaltig aufgebohrten Grafik und Präsentation stünden die Zeichen dieses Jahr endlich auch für Einzelspieler auf „Hit“. Wenn, ja wenn die KI sich nicht immer wieder kapitale Schnitzer leisten würde. Und dass die Wrestler im Gegensatz zu den PS2- und Xbox-Kollegen bis auf Ringeinmärsche vollkommen ohne Sprachausgabe auskommen, mussten die Würfel-Ringer ja bereits letztes Jahr stillschweigend schlucken. Anhänger von Mehrspieler-Duellen hingegen finden mit Day of Reckoning 2 das optisch und spielerisch eindrucksvollste Wrestling-Spiel, das der GameCube zu bieten hat.
GamersMark (Sep 23, 2005)
Well when you get into the matches itself, you can feel the level of realism that is a part of this great game. Added in is the new stamina meter which has been a long time coming. In the past I could never understand how my wrestler could wrestle an "Iron Man" match and still look ready to run a marathon. Now you need to work with momentum levels to win a match, and understandably so. Another grand addition to the game is the new submission system, one that lets you choose what type of submission you are attempting, whether your trying to give your wrestler a rest by keeping your opponent tied up or if your trying to make him tap in 26 seconds like Orlando Jones at Summerslam. If you feel letdown by the latest in the SmackDown! series, or if you’ve had to suffer through the Xbox’s attempts at the squared circle, WWE Day of Reckoning 2 is the Icon, the Main Event, the Showstopper!
Alles in allem ein respektabler Nachfolger, der allerdings eher den Namen Day of Reckoning 1.5 verdient hätte. Fans des Vorgängers greifen jedoch bedenkenlos zu.
IGN (Aug 26, 2005)
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 is the best wrestling game to hit GameCube yet. So if you liked last year's version, you're going to like this one even more. It's not a title without problems. Namely, the story mode is frustratingly hampered by the fact that you can't import your created wrestler from the original, and the lack of spoken dialogue puts a dent in presentation. Meanwhile, the roster, while certainly solid, is not quite up to snuff with some competing wrestling games. The control mechanics, already solidly grapple-heavy and speedy, are made more intuitive still by a strategic synergy between stamina and submission systems, and complemented again by a fun momentum shift. The result is a wrestling game with less button mashing and more strategy. Add in the fact that DoR 2 is mostly beautiful and it's clear that Yuke's has largely delivered. Whether you're a diehard wrestling fan or just someone looking for a fun multiplayer experience, DoR 2 is worth your attention.
Kombo.com (Sep 06, 2005)
This is by far the best wrestling title on the GameCube. As far as simulating the feel of WWE wrestling, it's the best game on any console. As far as total content, it's somewhere in the middle. Wrestling fans won't be disappointed by a purchase here.
NintendoWorldReport (Sep 18, 2005)
An incremental upgrade, but one that succeeds by leaning heavily on the Create-A-Superstar feature, not to mention the fun and engaging submission system. It would always be nice to see more Superstars, since a look at some of the taunts and movesets in Create-A-Wrestler shows that the Yuke’s team has the desire to add them, but licensing always get in the way. If the AI wasn't such a disappointment, the game could have easily earned a higher score, but it’s still worth a purchase from the hardcore wrestling fans.
Game Over Online (Sep 24, 2005)
Easily the best WWE game made for the Gamecube and arguably for any system, Day of Reckoning 2 addresses a number of bugs from the previous title and adds a larger sense of strategy and timing to the game itself. Along with being the best looking wrestling game, it also packs a decent storyline. Wrestling fans will love this game.
ZTGameDomain (Nov 02, 2005)
Overall DOR2 is, in my opinion, the best wrestling game on the market today. From the exciting gameplay and the captivating story mode, to the deep (albeit flawed) Create a Wrestler feature, there is something here for everyone. With Smackdown vs. Raw: 2006 shaping up nicely, I’m reminded of a statement often made by the greatest wrestler of all time. “To be the man….you gotta beat the man”. Right now DOR2 is the man, and I’m looking forward to seeing if SVR2006 can knock it off the top. As another wise man once said: “It’s a great time to be a wrestling fan”.
1UP (Aug 26, 2005)
Day of Reckoning 2 gets the fundamentals right, and then amplifies them to the maximum effect. But sadly, a lot of the unnecessary and extraneous details that are absent are what recreate the over-the-top and cheesy WWE arena experience. The heart and soul of WWE, though a tad bruised, is still preserved in the game by the solid wrestling mechanics and remarkable looks. The result is an excellent game for the wrestling purists, and while it would actually have been nice to get a little more good ol' WWE brand tackiness, it's hard to decline what the game offers: beautiful bodies on beautiful display, doing beautiful violence.
Jeuxpo.com (2005)
Encore plus beau, Day of Reckoning 2 est incontestablement LE jeu de catch tous supports confondus, son problème d'IA n'étant plus qu'un lointain souvenir.
GamersHell.com (Sep 19, 2005)
Day of Reckoning 2 is definitely the best wrestling game on GameCube, and it's certainly debatable as to whether it may well be the best wrestling game available on any of the current major platforms. The sequel's new additions have certainly improved the game, yet it's unfortunate that the GameCube lacks the disc space to make this the truly great wrestling game it could have been. Maybe next time we'll see a Nintendo Revolution version of Day of Reckoning that will take the game as it stands and elevate it to yet more lofty heights.
GameSpot (Aug 29, 2005)
While it's quite difficult to really fault a sequel that clearly made a concerted effort to correct specific flaws in the first game, pure bug-fixing and minor tweaking do not always make for a great sequel. Thankfully, in the case of Day of Reckoning 2, the couple of gameplay upgrades that have been made were significant enough to make things feel fresh--if not overly so--and the new story mode is quite enjoyable. More focus on adding additional modes would have been nice, but considering how well this package handles and looks, you can't call it anything but an enjoyable follow-up. Though some people may be disappointed by the fact that it isn't a huge leap past what Day of Reckoning put forth, fans of the first game are certain to have a great time with the sequel.
The PS2's Smackdown Vs Raw is still the undisputed king of the wrestling market, but Day of Reckoning 2 is the best we've seen so far for the Gamecube. If wrestling games are your thing, then you won't be disappointed by THQ's latest offering for the Gamecube.
Bright Hub (Apr 08, 2009)
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 isn't the best wrestling title I've ever played, but it is the best one available on the Gamecube. The strategic submission system is the real highlight here, at least in this wrestling fan's opinion, but the wealth of match options and unlockable content are fantastic as well. Plus you've got a fully fleshed out story mode mildly entertaining and a roster chalk full of past and present greats. All in all, it's a nice package that is well worth picking up if you're a fan of wrestling video games.
GameDaily (Sep 02, 2005)
Complaining about which Legends THQ included in the game is nitpicking to the extreme so I'm going to stop there. Besides, there's too much to love about Day of Reckoning 2 to constantly b!$%h about things that have very little bearing on the product's overall enjoyment. This is easily one of the top ten greatest wrestling games ever made and the best to appear on the GameCube. In fact, it's so fantastic it's actually made me excited about the next-gen WWE games, because if the powers that be can put out a game of this quality on a current generation machine, I cannot wait to see what they have in store for Revolution. However, being that we're stuck in the present, I strongly suggest that you to purchase WWE Day of Reckoning 2, for not only is it just a blast to play, but it's also the most accurate representation of sports entertainment that I have ever seen.
Cheat Code Central (Sep 06, 2005)
All in all the only bad news this time out is that this is definitely Yukes swan song for the GameCube. After this one hits storeshelves later this year that will definitely be the end of an era....and some great wrestling titles completely unique to Nintendo's funky little box.
Game Chronicles (Sep 22, 2005)
Day of Reckoning 2 doesn't push the innovation bar up, and it doesn't differ too much from last year's game, but it does make a few small additions that prove to be a bigger deal once you're in the ring. Flaws are still present, but appear less often, and the options have been upped in almost every area for a more complete package. The play feels smooth, and the game looks great. More options still would've been welcome, and even though quality voice work is hard to find, no voice-overs at all is still a sorely-missed touch. If all the match types worked all the time, this would be the grappler to have. But even with its flaws, the excellence of what's done right makes up for them. Fans of the WWE have their game.
Darkstation (Sep 26, 2005)
When it all boils down to, this was one of the hardest games I have had to score this year because of how close it was to being perfect. I must say that I went with my gut instinct and although Day of Reckoning 2 is a solid game I just felt like there was something that was needed in this game, maybe a better story mode that would take this game to the top. If you are a Gamecube owner and enjoy wrestling games then there is no reason why you wouldn't want to pick up this game as not only is it one of your only choices but it's a great choice at that!
Silicon-Fusion.com (Sep 29, 2005)
With the lack of real competition on the GameCube in terms of up to date wrestling games, this is definitely recommended. With the wide range of modes (tag and cage to name but two) and character creation, there is no real end to the possibilities on offer; especially when multiplayer and a range of unlockable classic wrestlers are taken into account. The only big 'BUT' about this game, and most other wrestling games, is this: If you don't like wrestling games, this will not change that at all. The game is just a super-slick iteration of the tried and tested dynamic, in much the same vein as a football game update. But for wrestling fans this is a treat.
Console Obsession (Oct 05, 2005)
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 is one of the best wrestling titles on the shelves today, which boasts a great engine and plenty of forward thinking. The stamina is a great idea, but forgettable at times, whilst the submission system is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. SmackDown vs RAW 2006 is certainly going to have to do a lot to impress us after playing the GameCube's latest!
GameCell UK (Oct 20, 2005)
All in all this is an enjoyable and polished title (the AI could still do with some work) that does everything you could ask from it. This Gamecube franchise still lacks the impact and raw playability of the PS2's Smackdown series, but if you can't grapple with that fact then this is an instant must-buy for any Gamecube owning WWE Fans.
MAN!AC (Oct, 2005)
Außerordentlich hübscher ­Klopper mit massig Match­varianten, zig Kämpfern und echtem WWE-Flair.
Game Vortex (Nov 21, 2005)
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 is a very good game and it is relatively easy to control. Most gamers should be able to pick up and play with the basics. Novice gamers may also feel a bit overwhelmed because of the use of all buttons and sticks. But either way you look at it, a little practice is all it takes to be able to Body Slam your way to victory. If it weren’t for the lack of an announcing team in WWE: Day of Reckoning 2, the game would probably be a pretty big success story, pinning the competition for the 1-2-3. However, because of this lack of background commentary, matches tend to be a bit on the boring side, which drops the enjoyment a lot. Hopefully next year’s effort will combine those from the best wrestling titles out there and give us a knock out performance. As it is, Day of Reckoning 2 is just another jobber and will never become the legend of video games.
DarkZero (Oct 02, 2005)
All in all DOR2 is a nice step forward for the brawling genre but it still has a few drawbacks that stop it from being great. If you liked the original but thought there was a few problems, you will be happy to know most of these bugs are fixed. The graphics have also lost their slightly cartoony look, which adds hugely to the game’s look, making the whole game appear better overall. DOR2 is the is the closest we have seen to a game surpassing WWF No Mercy in this generation, but should we really be looking back to a 5 year old game to experience a good wrestling game? THQ need to bring more to the squared circle next time!
Mygamer.com (Mar 01, 2006)
Here’s hoping THQ and Yukes continue to improve the WWE games, especially while we’re nose-diving into the next generation of consoles. With that move, I hope to see more Madden-like career features added. Let us deal with contractual signings, TV ratings, and building our own Pay Per Views within a career mode. Let’s create gimmicks for user made wrestlers, and see if it sells merchandise. Let’s have to deal with injuries, advertising and maybe even perhaps (*gasp!*) steroids testing. Let’s have me stop now before I go over the line, but I urge you grappling fans to pick this one up, as it’s truly one of the last great wrestling games for this generation of consoles.
411mania.com (Jul 16, 2006)
Overall, DoR2 is a slight improvement over its older brother but not by much. A little bit of polish and a LOT of work on the sound and story would’ve made this game a great contender with Smackdown vs. RAW for the PS2. But without those, it amounts to a solid wrestling game that should keep you entertained just for the difficulty, multiplayer, and CAW alone.
So overall, the game boasts a strong cast of superstars, a good story mode, and a lot of options for exhibition matches for one to four players. If you are a hardcore wrestling fan, you are likely used to the language and sexual content of the WWE, so I would recommend a purchase for them. If, like me, you appreciate the WWE's athletic style but do not like the language and violence, the game is conditionally recommended. Just avoid the obviously immoral stuff and you should be fine. If you aren't a wrestling fan, this game may be enough to change your mind, but I wouldn't risk it. Overall, THQ has delivered what may well come to be known as the best wrestling game on the GameCube.
The original DOR was a fun game that had tons of growth potential. Its sequel is still a fun game, but there's just not much growth there, which is a shame, because DOR 2 could have made a mark on the wrestling video game genre. If you're a wrestling video game completist, or if you don't own the original, DOR 2 is well worth the purchase. If you already own the original, though, rent first before deciding to plunk down the purchase price.
GamingTrend (Oct 28, 2005)
Yuke's Day of Reckoning 2 actually brings a pretty good game of wrestling to the GameCube. It isn't quite as good as the Smackdown series on PS2, but in this generation of wrestling games not much is. You will have a lot of fun in the story mode, although those that played Day of Reckoning will feel screwed by the inability to import their wrestler. If Yukes could pull off just a few more things like voiceovers and faster loading I think they could have a great game. Maybe if this series continues on the Revolution we'll see these additions. Recommended for people that have GameCubes only, if you have a PS2 pick up the latest Smackdown or wait for the new one to come out.
Worth Playing (Sep 22, 2005)
All in all, what Day of Reckoning 2 presents to us is a few tweaks to the original Day of Reckoning - some good, most bad. Less like a sequel and more like an upgrade, Day of Reckoning 2 still manages to be slightly dwarfed by its older brother, turning an exceptionally good game into one that is merely average.
If you love the WWE's unique brand of high-drama, lowbrow sports entertainment and you only own a GameCube, the this game is probably a no-brainer. Given the upcoming release of the Revolution, Day of Reckoning 2 is most likely the last wrestling game the 'Cube will ever see. So get it while it's hot. But if you're only a casual wrasslin' fan, is it worth checking out? Eh. Sorta.
NGC Magazine (Oct, 2005)
Fun, but disappointingly glitchy and too similar to the first game. It's only really worth it if you haven't played that one.
The Next Level (USA) (Nov 22, 2005)
So there you have it. Day of Reckoning 2 has most of the elements to recreate the world of pro wrestling, but in the end, a so-so controls and an uninspiring story mode were not enough to bring me back into the ring. Wrestling fans might still want to give it a try, that is, if they don't have a copy of the old N64 wrestling games that THQ also put out.
Jeuxvideo.com (Sep 28, 2005)
Petite surprise heureuse, Day Of Reckoning 2 possède toutes les caractéristiques du bon jeu sans pour autant savoir vraiment les exploiter. Amusant, procurant du plaisir, et surtout terriblement accessible, il ne se prive pour autant pas de se laisser tomber dans la facilité de modes de jeu vus et revus ainsi que dans la mauvaise gestion de son gameplay. Des erreurs qui auraient pu être mises de côté simplement, étant tout bonnement issues du premier épisode. Malgré tout, il reste un bon souvenir de ce WWE DoR 2, qui reste crédible même en slip rouge.
GameSpy (Aug 30, 2005)
Day of Reckoning 2 isn't a title without its merits. Yukes has put a lot of work into polishing the graphics, and it shows. The presentation has come leaps and bounds from where it was in 2002 when Wrestlemania X8 released a few months after the GameCube launch. The submission meter is the best new addition to gameplay, but the new stamina addition feels restrictive on fighting. Also, the story mode is longer than the first Day of Reckoning, but loses points for problems with the CPU. The multiplayer is definitely a lot of fun and is the main reason to keep this one around. I wouldn't disparage anyone from picking it up Day of Reckoning 2 to satisfy their wrestling game jones, but I wouldn't tell them that it's the successor to WWF No Mercy that Nintendo fanboys have been waiting for, either.
AceGamez (Sep 12, 2005)
WWE Day of Reckoning 2 is indeed the best grappler on the Gamecube, for what that's worth, but that won't help it break the traditional WWE Gamecube score of 8. In more ways than ever, Reckoning 2 feels like an afterthought for the Yukes team to get one last Gamecube wrestler out there before they go out with what appears to be a real winner with SmackDown vs. RAW 2006. I wish that wasn't the case and I'm not a PS2 fanboy, but DoR 2 just doesn't offer anything new to the genre like SmackDown has tried to do last year and looks like doing this year. Reckoning 2 is simply there for Gamecube owners to accept as theirs, whether they want to or not... and I, for one, no longer want to.
GotNext (Nov 22, 2005)
So there you have it. Day of Reckoning 2 has most of the elements to recreate the world of pro wrestling, but in the end, a so-so controls and an uninspiring story mode were not enough to bring me back into the ring. Wrestling fans might still want to give it a try, that is, if they don't have a copy of the old N64 wrestling games that THQ also put out.
GamesAreFun.com (GAF) (Jan 26, 2006)
It is a small thing to complain about, but if the game had voice-overs, and a few extra modes, it would truly shine as a great wrestling game. But, with it basically being last year's game with a new story, it just feels like more of the same. If you only have the Gamecube though, and are looking for a good wrestling game, this is the one for you.
Game Shark (Oct 10, 2005)
Overall Day of Reckoning 2 is a good solid wrestling affair. The game could have used some additional features, but what's there is fun. Yuke's has done a decent job of improving the GameCube franchise, but it is still playing catch-up with the SmackDown series. For anyone that owns a GameCube and loves WWE this purchase is a no-brainer.
GamesFirst! (Oct 16, 2005)
Sure, this stuff is as fake as Pam Anderson's breasts, but give it a minute or two and you'll be as hooked as I am. WWE Day of Reckoning 2 is a blast as a party game, 2 player, or even alone. The stuff is as addicting as sugar-frosted-chocolate-bombs and twice as sweet. Fans should have not problem with this purchase-go now, get to wrastlin'.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 30, 2006)
It’s funny that Day of Reckoning 2 has such an extensive counter system, because the game ultimately counters itself. The brilliant graphics are almost cancelled out by the utter lack of sound. The nifty story mode is hampered by a limited create-a-wrestler mode. If you’re looking for the best wrestling game out there or if you’re trying to relive the N64 glory days with Aki then this game will disappoint you. For everything this game does well, there’s a flaw that will surely annoy you. Day of Reckoning 2 is best for WWE fans that are casual players. The gorgeous graphics, broad character roster, large number of matches, and multiplayer action offer a ton of fun for players that can forgive technical flaws. The accessible controls will let players bust out incredible moves with ease. In a way, the game is the Chris Masters of video games. It has an awesome look and excellent potential, but more work is required before it’s ready for the main event.
videogamer.com (Nov 02, 2005)
So what's left to be said about DoR2? Nothing really. The fighting is repetitive, there is a lack of game modes and the 'create a wrestler' suffers from a few too many technical problems. It's still the best wrestler on the GameCube and if you can look past these flaws there's certainly a degree of fun to be had, but there are better wrestling games available for other, older consoles.
Game Revolution (Sep 02, 2005)
With minor gameplay upgrades and some significant graphical tweaks, Day of Reckoning 2 feels more like a patch than a true sequel. Then again, patches usually make games better. This one damages the gameplay and commits a huge oversight by failing to let players import their custom characters from the last game. But in spite of these shortcomings, WWE Day of Reckoning 2 tells a wacky if familiar story and offers Gamecube owners some decent wrestling action. The body isn't fresh, but it's still strong enough to pin you to the couch.
Diehard GameFan (Aug 29, 2005)
This is a rental ONLY. And only for a weekend when you’re going to have a get-together with your fellow wrestling friends. Story mode is okay if this is your first time with a wrestling game, or you’re coming back to them after a long hiatus. Otherwise there is nothing in this game you haven’t experienced before. If you’ve already got a wrestling game for a console this generation you enjoy, then there is no point in wasting a hard earned fifty bucks on this. Still, I recommend this a thousand times over WM XXI. It’s just sad to see that it’s been years since a quality WWE game, and I’m pretty sure we’ll be waiting a few more years until we have one again.
Gaming Age (Sep 29, 2005)
Unfortunately, these are as much issues with Day of Reckoning 2 as they are with the wrestling genre as a whole (barring a few shining exceptions). Even worse, I haven't seen any signs of it getting any better. If I had to choose, right now, I'd probably consider Wrestlemania 21 the best, but that maybe because of the differences in the consoles. Neither of them are what I'd consider truly fun games, but if you have to have a wrestling game stick with Wrestlemania 21. If you only own a Game Cube, then this is the wrestling game for you!

atari kombinera