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Gameloft Backgammon Credits (J2ME)

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Gameloft Backgammon Credits

Credits (Nokia S60)

ProducerBogdan Lucaci
Executive ProducerSamir El Agili
ProgrammingAndi George Matei, Alexandru Mihai Tica, Dragos Iftimi
GraphicsCornel Oprea, Daniel Rosu-Gutman, Laura Alecu
Sound DesignMathieu Vachon
Game DesignRadu Manole, Dan Teodorescu
QA ManagerJean-Sébastien Goulet
Quality Assurance LeadNicolas Gauvreau, Costel Apopii
Quality AssuranceJérôme Laberge, Jimmy Clark, Eric Van De Sande, Sébastien Richer, Danick Millaire

Additional Credits (V550)

Quality AssuranceMarian Oprea, Benjamin Goulet

Additional Credits (K500 / V220)

ProgrammingDragos Manea
Quality AssuranceAndrei Joghiu

Port Team (K500)

Executive ProducerLam Paturle
ProducerPeter Ganchev Petkov
ProgrammingStefan Nikolaev Nikolov
QA ManagerCostel Apopii
Quality Assurance LeadStoyan Kolev
Quality AssuranceStefan Antimov

Port Team (Additional Credits, V220)

ProgrammerHristo Stoyanov
Quality AssuranceNikolay Alexandrov Ivanov

Port Team (Nokia 6280)

Executive ProducerAxel Delafon
ProducerViorel Cristea
ProgrammerCătălin Pintilie
QA ManagerCostel Apopii
QA LeadStelian Dobre
QARobert Stelian Cascaval

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