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Games Pack 1 ZX Spectrum 1. Iceberg: Instructions 1.<br>


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Games Pack 1 is a compilation of 4 original releases not published individually.

  1. Iceberg
  2. Android Pit Rescue
  3. Battle
  4. Destroyer

The pack is made out of two different types of games, rescuing and ambushing. Iceberg and Android Pit Rescue are based on the first genre and Battle and Destroyer to the second.


In Iceberg the player commands an icebreaker and has to save a group of scientific researchers trapped in the freezing waters of the Arctic.

The icebreaker can only carry one group of people at a time and if it tries to pick another one while doing so, the second group will be killed when touched by the ship.

After picking a group of people, the player has to drop them at the port located at the upper left corner of the screen. Only then, he may continue his rescuing mission. The colours green and yellow of the icebreaker indicate that the ship is unloaded and prepared to carry people or already carrying a group.

There are two types of ice formations: pack-ice and icebergs. Pack-ice can be passed through but may generate deadly icebergs in an instance.

Android Pit Rescue

In Android Pit Rescue the principle is the same as in Iceberg. The player commands an android that was created to save trapped miners from the mines of the planet Zarqon in the event of flooding.

There are constant fluxes of water which may flood and freeze certain parts of the mine maze paths. The miners and the android wear safe suits and are protected from the waves of water if standing still, but although the android is coated with a special repellant he still cannot move in water without being destroyed.

To succeed in his task the android has to rescue all the miners by carrying them one by one to the surface which is represented by the upper part of the screen.


Battle is a strategic war game where the main goal is to successfully annihilate the enemy's offensive power which is composed by tanks, SAMs and ICBMs and return safely to the player's base. The scenario is randomly generated and takes place on an island composed of rivers and palm trees.

The player commands a heavy tank armoured with 20 anti-tank missiles and indefinite short range mortars. The anti-tank missiles can destroy anything except palm trees and can be neutralized by the water of the rivers. When fired at enemy positions or tanks the missiles are automatically guided by infra red systems although the player still has to instruct their respective correct range. The mortars can be used simply by moving the player's tank onto the enemy positions.

The only dangers that can threaten the player's tank are the enemy tanks that come one by one armoured with missiles and mines. The player's tank can resist these attacks no more than 5 times.

To succeed on the main task of the game, the player has to destroy more than 9 enemy tanks, score higher than 600 points and return the tank to the border which is located at the upper left corner of the screen.


In Destroyer, which carries the name of the ship the player commands, the goal is to escort some merchant ships that are sailing from the right to the left of the screen and intercept the enemy submarines with dropping charges before they can emerge and fire their precise deadly missiles against them. Every time an enemy missile is allowed to be fired a merchant ship will be lost.

The player has to destroy 5 enemy submarines before 10 of the merchant ships are sunk. The lower the casualties, the higher the player's score will be.

The destroyer will not be targeted by the enemy, but itself could pose a deadly threat both to the merchant ship and the player if a collision occurs between them. The game is immediately over if that situation occurs, or if the player wasn't able to safely sail away from the blast of his own charge. These two situations are the only direct threats to the destroyer.

The enemy submarines can only fire if they are on the surface and then they are represented by the submarine's periscope. If the destroyer is sailing near an enemy submarine, it will not surface. If the player can't visually observe the enemy, he can instead detect them with his sonar, where a higher pitch indicates a short distance an enemy is located from the destroyer. If it turns green, then a ship is in range to blast an enemy submarine by dropping a charge.


Games Pack 1 ZX Spectrum 4. Destroyer: Instructions 1.<br>
Games Pack 1 ZX Spectrum 1. Iceberg: Instructions 1.<br>
Games Pack 1 ZX Spectrum 2. Android Pit Rescue: Destroying the android.<br>
Only if the android crosses the water he'll be destroyed.
Games Pack 1 ZX Spectrum 1. Iceberg: Formation of icebergs.<br>
Even if these pack-ice forms can only delay the navigation they too can generate icebergs, which are deadly. The icebreaker is green meaning it's unloaded.

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Alternate Titles

  • "Iceberg" -- Included game
  • "Destroyer" -- Included game
  • "Battle" -- Included game
  • "Android Pit Rescue" -- Included game

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Computer and Video Games (CVG) Jan, 1983 5 out of 10 50


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