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The Games: Winter Edition Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen: Canada.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Enter the players.
Down Hill - Set up your cameras.
Down Hill - Getting ready to start.
Down Hill - First person view while you ski.
Down Hill - Fell down.
Cross country menu.
Cross country skiing.
Slalom menu.
The Slalom.
Speed Skating menu.
Speed Skating.
Ski Jump.
Ski Jump - Landed head first into the snow. Ouch!
Ski Jump - First person view.
Luge - Choose a track.
Luge - Taking a corner.
Figure Skating - Before you skate, you need to set your moves to the music before you skate.
Figure Skating - Skating.

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Main menu
Lighting the torch in the opening ceremony.
If you want to only do 1 event, select it here.
Type in your name and select your country.
I selected Luge. I need to select my track.
At the starting area for Luge.
I won the gold medal.
I selected Cross Country (skiing). How long do I want to go?
At the starting line for cross country skiing.
As I am the only player, I have a pacer. Here we are at the finish line.
Figure skating.
Select your music.
Now select what tricks you will do and when.
Beginning my set.
I finished.
The judge's scores. I guess they didn't like me.
Beginning the ski jump.
Going down the jump. Will I feel the thrill of victory...
...or the agony of defeat?
The slalom. I need to select the length and how close the flags will be.
The slalom's starting line.
As I am the only player, I have a pacer. I hit a flag and rolled myself into a snowball.
Speed skating. Select how many laps.
At the starting line. I am blue.
Downhill (skiing). This is the hill, seen from afar.
At the downhill's starting line.
During the race.
I missed a flag.
The closing ceremony is the the sun setting of the torch.
World records (high scores)

Apple II version

The stadium.
Title screen.
Main menu.
Select players.
Opening ceremony - The Olympic runner carrying the torch
Opening ceremony - Lighting the torch
Select a course for the luge.
The luge.
The luge - taking a corner.
I won the gold! What about those other contestants? Ummm... Bribes! Hehehe...
Figure skating.
Ski jump.
Ski jump - first person view.
Ski Jump - I'm airborne!
Ski Jump - I'm flying!
Ski Jump - I've fallen and I can't get up!
Slalom - choose a course.
Speed Skating - choose a course.
Speed Skating
Down Hill - set up cameras
Down Hill
Down Hill - first person view
Down Hill - another man bites the dust... er... snow
Closing ceremonies - medals.
Closing ceremonies - Fireworks.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Main menu
Practice menu
The Luge track
Going straight ahead to gain speed
Not much of an audience
Time for ski jumping
Got to try to be in the middle
Not even Eddie the Eagle did this bad
Four different slalom courses to choose between
Yes, I'm the giant snow ball!
Slalom loading screen
Right in the middle
Time for skating
Country selection screen
Cross country course selection screen
Cross country skiing
And the winner is: USA
Time to light the fire
Setting up a figure skating program
Figure skating

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Player Selection
Part of the opening ceremony
Part of the opening ceremony
Luge 1
Luge 2
Cross Country Skiing
Figure Skating (move selection)
Figure Skating (competition)
Ski Jumping 1
Ski Jumping 2 (try to stay in slope)
Ski Jumping 3 (flight)
Speed Skating
Downhill 1
Downhill 2
Closing Ceremony Fireworks

DOS version

Opening ceremonies (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Title screen (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
The main menu (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Setting up players. (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Cross country skiing (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Set up some cameras for downhill skiing. (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Downhill skiing...don't crash into the gates! (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Oops, I crashed...(EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Select a luge course. (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Ready to begin luge! (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Luge - rounding a turn... (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Luge - audience watches... (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Speed skating (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Slalom - oops, I crashed. (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Ready for ski jump? (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Heading down the ski jump. (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
This is not how to ski jump... (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Figure skating (EGA/MCGA/Tandy)
Title screen (CGA)
Cross country skiing (CGA)
Ready for luge? (CGA)
Luge - ah, a nice straight section of track (CGA)
Get ready for some downhill skiing. (CGA)
Speed skating (CGA)

MSX version

Title screen
Main menu
Running with the torch in the opening ceremony.
Lighting the torch.
If you want to play certain event(s), this is the menu to select from.
Enter your name and select your country.
For the luge, select your track.
At the starting line for the luge.
For cross country (skiing), select the length of race.
At the starting line.
And we're off!
Now, that's some deep snow.
In figure skating, select your music.
Set your moves to the music.
About to do an axel jump.
Performing the routine.
The judges scores.
Starting the ski jump.
Off I go.
Headed down the ski jump. Will I experience the thrill of victory...
...or the agony of defeat?
In the air off the ski jump.
For slalom, select the length and how close the flags are.
At the slalom starting line.
And we're off!
I tripped.
For speed skating, select the number of laps.
At the starting line. I'm blue.
And we're off!
A bird's-eye view of the downhill (skiing) course.
At the starting line.
On the course.
At the closing ceremonies. The torch is put out.
The fireworks spell the word Epyx.

ZX Spectrum version

Loading screen.
Title screen.
Option screen.
Enter your name and pick your country.
Pick your track for the Luge.
Start of the Luge.
Hurtling at great speed.
Medal ceremony.
Distance choice for Cross-Country Skiing.
Racing the computer.
Figure Skating.