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Garfield: Caught in the Act Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Novotrade logo
Title screen
In game
Oh dear, it's a bear ?
Prehistoric Arbuckle
Pause screen
On a bone!?
This snake's teeth would make any beaver jealous.
Boss fight against a dinosaur Odie
The remote marks the end of the level
Level completed
Bonus stage: Destroy as much as possible until the time runs put.
A password
The level's title
Mummies are inevitable in an Egyptian themed level.
Boss fight
We have to find our way through the TV's innards to get to the next level.
"Repaired" TV
Rescue from hole
Water stream
3.000.000 BC
Fish with legs is good transport

Genesis version

Sega logo with Garfield! Cool! :)
Title screen
Garfield riding... hmm... something
Mini game
Garfield in the TV
You have several seconds to reach the other end of the room
The hand points towards the right direction
Under the cemetery
The cemetery: fighting skeletons
Why are you so scared, it's just a save point
Boss battle. Hard as hell
Alien? Robot?
Garfield Pirate
This is Game Over
Revenge of Orangebeard
Small island in pirate level
Levitating hamburger
Many electrical machines in this tv

Windows version

Title Screen / Main Menu
Caught by TV! (from the opening intro)
The beginning
Cave Cat--3,000,000 BC!
Credits ( is contributed only for Point of View Software and full name of the game corrections)