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Gary Gadget: Building Cars Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Gary cycling home to his workshop
Gary's dream is to build a car so he can drive to the other end of the road and see what's there
Clicking on the toolbox brings up the options
Part of Gary's junkpile
More car parts
Putting the pieces together
Taking a picture of the car
You can name the cars and save them
A new creation
A printable "Diploma!"
Gary pushes a finished car out of the barn
Driving directions!
Almost ran over Freddy Ferrick's wandering dog
Sasha is often to be found roaming far afield
Freddy is always grateful for her return and hands over some extra fuel
Dropping in at the Auto Show
The car scores a 3!
The local schoolteacher (who may or may not have a crush on Gary) needs help getting her cat down from a tree
Unfortunately, this car doesn't have the right equipment to rescue the cat, so, back to the workshop
An invitation from another neighbor - Gary is a popular guy!
Title screen (Finnish version)