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Wanted for Trade

User Platform Comments Desired Condition
Martin Skywatcher DOS None Not Specified
Kevin Zausch DOS None Not Specified
Patrik Andersson DOS None Not Specified
Dario Brunetti DOS None Not Specified
cameron nixon DOS if ANYONE has this game, for either DOS or Mac, please let me know! I played it soooooo long ago and would love to give it a go again. thanks! Box/Packaging: Excess Defects
Original Media: Excess Defects
Manual: Excess Defects
Catalog: Excess Defects
Reference Card: Excess Defects
Additional Items: Excess Defects
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Bram Wijngaarden DOS None Not Specified
Dirk Schulz (1) DOS None Box/Packaging: Near Mint
(more info)
Steven Parfitt DOS None Not Specified
Clark van der Lyke Macintosh None Not Specified
Ron Thacker Macintosh None Not Specified

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