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GameCube 12 3.7
PlayStation 2 16 3.0
Xbox 6 3.3
Combined User Score 34 3.3

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PlayStation 2GamePro (US) (Apr 30, 2001)
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy will be a blast as a weekend rental with friends over, but as a solo adventure game, other more engrossing options are available.
84 (Sep 24, 2002)
Ei GDL:n tarjoama huvi tietenkään loputonta ole, ja jos sinusta pelissä pitää olla muutakin sisältöä kuin tuhansien ja taas tuhansien öttiäisten lahtaaminen, löytyy kaupan hyllyltä varmasti monta monipuolisempaa teosta. Siitä huolimatta Gauntlet Dark Legacy oli positiivinen yllätys. Midway on jo pitkään tarkoittanut minulle enimmäkseen harmaata tusinakamaa, ja siitä massasta GDL kyllä erottuu edukseen. Se on erittäin pelattava, yksinkertainen ja nopeasti omaksuttava peli, jossa on paljon kenttiä ja erilaista tapettavaa. Yksin sitä ei kauan jaksa vääntää, mutta kaverin tai parinkin kanssa pelaaminen on juuri sitä hysteeristä huutamista ja riehumista, josta tulee hyvälle mielelle, ja jonka pariin voi aina halutessaan palata hetkiseksi. Ja se on paljon enemmän kuin monesta pelistä voi nykyään sanoa.
XboxGame Chronicles (May 18, 2002)
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is one of those games that you want to have on hand when friends are over. It's one of the few games that supports 4-player cooperative play and a great party game that's lots of fun. This is my third time playing this game, and the Xbox has easily been the most enjoyable of all three experiences. The power of the Xbox is fully exploited to deliver great graphics, and all those cool innovations that the GameCube version got a few months ago are included making this the ultimate Gauntlet experience.
XboxConsoles Plus (Sep, 2002)
Le jeu est une réussite graphique, et certains combats contre de sordides créatures en font un spectacle particulièrement réjouissant. Les décors parcourus apportent leur lot de surprises et de pièges. Même si on peut trouver certaines actions un peu répétitives, le côté bourrin du jeu plaira au plus grand nombre. La magie Gauntlet fonctionne toujours à quatre joueurs !
GameCubeConsoles Plus (Sep, 2002)
Le jeu est une réussite graphique, et certains combats contre de sordides créatures en font un spectacle particulièrement réjouissant. Les décors parcourus apportent leur lot de surprises et de pièges. Même si on peut trouver certaines actions un peu répétitives, le côté bourrin du jeu plaira au plus grand nombre. La magie Gauntlet fonctionne toujours à quatre joueurs !
PlayStation 2Game Chronicles (May 05, 2001)
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is one of those few ports from the arcade that actually exceeds the coin-op original. The sheer fact of saving all those quarters is a big plus, but the visual splendor of this game along with its fast paced monster slashing gameplay is the core element of this game's success.
PlayStation 2PSM (Jul, 2001)
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is just the ticket for gamers whose idea of a good time is spending the afternoon knee deep in gore, maggots and slimy demons. It may be old school, but it's still a hell of a good time. With its excellent music, creepy atmospheric graphics, and non-stop action, Gauntlet is just the ticket for gory fun.
GameCubeUOL Jogos (Mar 15, 2002)
Se você é do tipo de jogador retrô que não se importa com gráficos e está à procura de um bom jogo multiplayer para o GameCube, Gauntlet Legends: Dark Legacy é uma boa pedida.
PlayStation (Aug 02, 2001)
Nichts Besonderes, aber trotzdem recht spaßig. Während man Gauntlet Dark Legacy -außer mit mehreren Mitstreitern- selten länger als eine Stunde am Stück spielen wird, kann man doch sicher sein, dass man es immer wieder mal hervorkramen wird, um dem letzten Endgegner wieder ein Stückchen näher zu kommen. Größte Schwachpunkte sind Grafik und Sound, die nur selten über das Prädikat „gehobener Durchschnitt“ hinaus kommen. Doch angesichts des simplen -und merkwürdigerweise- motivierenden Spielprinzips sieht man gerne über diese Durchschnittlichkeit hinweg und konzentriert sich auf das eigentliche Spiel: sammeln, suchen, kämpfen. Nicht mehr und nicht weniger.
PlayStation 2Gaming Target (Jul 30, 2001)
On the bonus side, there is a bunch of hidden rooms and characters that can be found all over Gauntlet: Dark Legacy. What's really nice is that some of these little bonuses are found through original Gauntlet style mini games. It's a bonus within a bonus. And like a lot of PlayStation 2 games, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy features very quick load times.
GameCubeGaming Target (Mar 20, 2002)
I greatly enjoyed the music and sound effects of Gauntlet Legends. Some of the sounds have been redone, and some have been left completely unchanged, but they all sound convincing, if not fresh, in Gauntlet Dark Legacy. The remixed tunes from returning stages sound much better thanks to the GameCube’s disc-based media. The new music is equally powerful and memorable. None of the music is actually grating, although some of it is forgettable. More often than not, you will be exploring and slaughtering to music that is at least hum-able, if not downright enjoyable. In general, the music is deep and melodic, and sounds appropriate given the locales they are meant to represent. The classic ‘Gauntlet voice’ makes a triumphant return and adds to the atmosphere in a huge and nostalgic way.
PlayStation 2GameZone (May 16, 2001)
It's all about the multi-player action.
PlayStation 2Gamezilla (Nov 08, 2001)
Although Gauntlet: Dark Legacy isn't what I'd call a truly astounding title, it is a fun party game that can be enjoyed by four people at once. There are a surprising number of additions when compared to the arcade version -- so many, in fact, I couldn’t name them all here. With graphics that update the original and show that the PS2 can run an arcade perfect translation, and that same old godlike Gauntlet voice, this title can be fun for a long time.
PlayStation 2Gamer's Pulse (Jun 06, 2001)
While hack ‘n’ slash isn’t for everyone, if you’ve got a yearning for some mad fights and simple puzzle solving on your PS2, Gauntlets: Dark Legacy just might be the title for you. It tends to get stale when going solo, but then again, this series was always meant to played with friends. So invite a few over, plug in the multitap, and get ready to kick some arse.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jun, 2001)
I still prefer the unique item hunt that is Diablo, rather than grabbing temporary boosts in Gauntlet. However, gaining levels, saving up gold, and finding new artifacts aren't bad ways to keep you hooked to Dark Legacy's quest. This isn't game of the year potential, but the PS2 could use more great multiplayer games like Gauntlet Dark Legacy.
GameCubeGameZone (Mar 19, 2002)
Overall, this game could be a great purchase, or it may be a terrible purchase, depending on your taste. If you are a Gauntlet fan from the old school you will definitely feel right at home. If you like a fast paced dungeon crawler with non-stop action, endless “hit the switch to open the door” puzzles, and straight hack and slash gameplay, you will definitely have hours of fun and replay value with the multiple levels and multiple characters to level up and watch become more and more powerful with each swing of the axe or flash of a fireball. Even if you aren’t any of the above but have a group of friends who just need a co-op multiplayer action game, this one can definitely be a winner. If you like a little more structure or actual RPG element to your medieval dungeon romping, I suggest you pass this one up and leave saving the world from Skorne to some other group of armchair heroes.
PlayStation 2Game Informer Magazine (Jun, 2001)
Gauntlet Dark Legacy isn’t exactly showcasing the PlayStation 2’s power, so don’t expect a lot in this department, but the game itself is entertaining even without the flashy graphics. Like previous installments, you basically hack your way through levels looking for cash, items, and hidden treasures. Unfortunately, some of the levels here are from the original Gauntlet Legends, but Midway did add some new monsters and even some new items to keep it interesting. For all this game’s shortcomings I still enjoy playing it. I like leveling-up the characters, solving the level puzzles, and adventuring with friends (the game definitely benefits from having a partner). There is a lot of game here, and if you took the time to do it with every type of character, you could play this game for months. I don’t think I could play Dark Legacy through more than once, but the first time is a fun adventure.
XboxGameZone (May 06, 2002)
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is as much a shooter game as it is a fantasy role-playing game. You can engage in hand-to-hand combat, but you can also shoot from your weapon (including axes and swords) indiscriminately from a distance. While not a drawback, it does provide more of an arcade flair to the game.
PlayStation 2Gamezone (Germany) (Jun 07, 2001)
Gauntlet ist weit davon entfernt, ein wirklich überzeugendes Spiel zu sein. Nur der spassige Multiplayer Mode bewahrt das Game davor, in die wirklich tiefen Wertungsregionen zu fallen. Wer oft mit Kollegen vor der Konsole sitzt, der sollte Gauntlet eventuelle eine Chance geben. Allen anderen empfehlen wir jedoch eher: Finger weg!
67 (Aug 14, 2002)
Angesichts der äußerst schwachen Grafik und dem wenig überzeugenden Sound werden nur wenige Spieler die Geduld haben, die Vorzüge von Gauntlet Dark Legacy auszukosten. Denn gerade bei einem unkomplizierten und auf Dauer wenig abwechslungsreichen Spielprinzip wäre eine wenigstens durchschnittliche akustische und optische Untermalung Pflicht. Dabei helfen die Steuerung und der Multiplayer-Modus sogar noch, Gauntlet vor einem absoluten Absturz ins Nichts zu retten. Doch trotz allem sollte sich jeder von Midways Versuch schnell Kohle zu machen fernhalten und sich lieber dem kontroversen Hunter - The Reckoning zuwenden. Da stimmt wenigstens das technische Umfeld.
XboxGaming Target (Jun 03, 2002)
Overall, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy, is extremely weak as an example of how a next generation title should look, but it’s interesting enough in it’s play mechanics (however basic they may be) to give gamers looking for a bit of an old school, platform experience something to dig into. Rent it first.
PlayStation 2GameSpot (May 09, 2001)
If you have a group of bored, bloodthirsty friends visiting, having Dark Legacy around would definitely be an asset. You'll even get into the single-player game, for a little while--or a long while, depending on your attention span. But, ultimately, it's hard to argue that the game has any long-standing single-player value. While this isn't due to its design--there definitely is a lot there, and the manner in which it's presented to you is very functional--the game isn't exactly action-packed, making it a game that becomes tedious after only a few hours of play.
PlayStation 2Playmag (Jul, 2001)
Jouable seul ou à plusieurs (jusqu'à 4) Gauntlet DL reste néanmoins un soft marrant mais franchement redondant. Les niveaux se suivent et se ressemblent, les ennemis s'acharnent (un peu dans le vide car pour mourir - hormis contre un boss - il faut y mettre du sien) et l'argent que vous amasserez vous servira à vous procurer les items, ceux-là même que vous trouverez gratuitement dans les niveaux.
PlayStation 2Super Play (Sweden) (Jul, 2001)
Är man ensam är Gauntlet: Dark Legacy ett spel som enbart håller ett par timmar, inte för att det är lätt och kort, utan för att det är långtråkigt och repetetivt. Men är man fler, allra helst fyra, förvandlas ovan nämnda nackdelar till fördelar som får spelet att vara över åtminstone ett par spelkvällar. Tråkigare kan man ha det!
GameCubeGamePro (US) (Apr 22, 2002)
This is definitely one of those games that's somehow fun despite itself. Gauntlet's walk/collect treasure/shoot everything a lot gameplay is hardly revolutionary and extremely superficial. Inventory management (even though it’s been updated for the GameCube version) is a chore. And while there are lots of characters to pick from, their differences are mostly cosmetic aside from a few token RPG-like stats. The graphics are simple (greetings, giant triangle!), the sound effects seem sampled at bargain basement prices, and the game, even in single-player mode, occasionally runs decidedly unsmoothly.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Sep, 2002)
(PAL version)
Zum Schluss bleibt nur noch zu sagen, dass Gauntlet mit seinen ca. 60 Leveln schon Spaß machen kann. Vorraussetzung dafür ist allerdings, dass zumindest zwei echte Cracks die Joypads in der Hand halten, ansonsten wird aus dem stupiden Hack‘n‘Slay ein chaotisches Hack‘n‘Slay.
GameCubeGameSpy (Apr 06, 2002)
It just doesn't do anything that the original didn't do better (for its time). Rent it and save some cash, because you'll wish you had if you buy it.
PlayStation 2Game Revolution (May 03, 2001)
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy has more than enough items, upgradeability and weird creatures to keep your attention for more than a rental, but only if you have a few friends to play it with.
GameCube64 Power / big.N / N Games (Apr, 2002)
Erträglich wird das stupide Button-Smashing nur dann, wenn du zusammen mit bis zu drei Freunden gleichzeitig antrittst. Aber das liegt im Endeffekt weniger am Spiel selbst, sondern vielmehr an der Tatsache, dass gemeinschaftliches Zocken eigentlich immer mehr Spaß macht als alleine vor der Flimmerkiste zu sitzen; leider verderben dann Kameraprobleme die Freude. Die beigefügten Rollenspielelemente. wie ein verbessertes Magiesystem und die Möglichkeit, deinen Charakter aufzuleveln. tragen nur unwesentlich zum Spielspaß bei, der nicht zuletzt unter der katastrophalen künstlichen Intelligenz der Gegnerschaft leidet.
GameCubeNintendo Difference (Mar 25, 2002)
En somme, Gauntlet Dark Legacy sur GameCube est très décevant. Il n’est conseillé qu’aux grands fans de la série, et même là, je ne suis pas sûr. Dommage Midway, dommage…
PlayStation (Aug 06, 2001)
Un titre décevant même si l'on est content de retrouver Gauntlet sur PS2. Dommage que ce passage à la nouvelle Sony n'ait pas occasionné un petit époussetage de ce titre mythique.
55 (Sep 10, 2002)
Une version qui n'apporte rien de plus que sur PS2, si ce n'est la possibilité de jouer à 4 sans l'aide d'un quelconque multitap. Le jeu est aussi répétitif que décevant, même si l'on est content de retrouver Gauntlet sur GameCube. Dommage que ce passage à la génération 128 bits n'ait pas occasionné un petit époussetage de ce titre mythique.
53 (Sep 03, 2002)
"Hack&Slash"-Fans müssen sich noch eine Weile gedulden, bis Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance für Xbox erscheint. Da könnte der eine oder andere Spieler in der Zwischenzeit versucht sein, zu Gauntlet: Dark Legacy zu greifen. Wir würden allerdings empfehlen, dass ihr euch das Spiel erst einmal ausleiht, um so Enttäuschungen vor zu beugen. Mehr als einen Nachmittag Spaß hatten wir nämlich selbst im Mehrspieler-Modus nicht. Und somit wäre eine Videothek, die Xbox-Spiele verleiht, die ideale Anlaufstelle.
GameCubeGameSpot (Mar 22, 2002)
Ultimately, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is a dated game that has seen slightly better releases on other systems. While the other aspects of the game have remained relatively intact, the GameCube version's frame rate issues give the game an extremely rough appearance. The message most clearly stated by Gauntlet: Dark Legacy may be that Midway should concentrate on creating something new instead of releasing console ports of 4-year-old arcade technology.
XboxGameSpot (Apr 25, 2002)
Ultimately, Gauntlet Dark Legacy is a dated game that has remained unchanged in this latest release, and it should only interest those entirely new to the series. If you've never played Gauntlet Legends or Dark Legacy, then you and three friends can conceivably have fun playing this simplistic, albeit sizable, game. Although with other, more modern, attractive, and original options on the immediate horizon for the Xbox, few players can justify picking this up. The message most clearly stated by Gauntlet Dark Legacy may be that Midway should concentrate on creating something new instead of releasing console ports of 4-year-old arcade technology.
PlayStation 2Gamekult (Aug 02, 2001)
Ressusciter des concepts pour en faire des jeux nouveaux est un art délicat, et Midway devra revoir encore une fois sa copie pour réitérer le succès de Gauntlet. Ce Dark Legacy, tout en 3D et en effets spéciaux, apporte beaucoup d'objets, des sorts et même des personnages en plus, mais la monotonie de son gameplay associé à une grande lenteur lassera les plus fans, même en multijoueurs. Le jeu à sortir dans une soirée entre potes en attendant le début du match, en fait.
GameCubeIGN (Mar 11, 2002)
All said and done, Dark Legacy is the type of title you want to rent. If you and three of your friends are looking for something you can pass some time with, head out and rent Dark Legacy. But, unless you're looking for a totally mindless single-player experience -- and there are plenty hours of it -- keep away from purchasing this one.
XboxIGN (Apr 23, 2002)
In the end, Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is a fun four-player romp that you'll want to experience only a bit at a time. Less demanding gamers will get a kick out of its intuitive setup, but those in the hardcore bunch will tire of its simplicity promptly.
GameCubeGame Chronicles (Apr 01, 2002)
Gauntlet: Dark Legacy is one of those games that you want to have on hand when friends are over. It's one of the few games that supports 4-player cooperative play and a great party game that's lots of fun; however, the substandard quality of this particular version prohibits me from recommending it to anyone.