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One of the most addictive games ever, and a downright excellent arcade conversion. DOS Tomer Gabel (4643)
OH YES! The Arcade classic comes to the C-64 Personal Computer! Commodore 64 XplOrOrOr (16)

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Platform Votes Score
Amstrad CPC 9 3.9
Apple II 7 4.0
Apple IIgs Awaiting 5 votes...
Arcade 8 3.4
Atari 8-bit 8 4.0
Atari ST 11 3.9
Commodore 64 17 3.6
DOS 21 3.5
J2ME 6 4.1
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
MSX 7 3.8
SEGA Master System 12 3.8
Xbox 360 8 3.5
ZX Spectrum 8 3.9
Combined User Score 122 3.7

Critic Reviews

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Amstrad CPCYour Computer (Feb, 1987)
If you bought the game, relax, for it is undoubtedly the best version and for anyone who knows and loves the arcade game, it is the only version immediately familiar shock of having my copy, albeit an early version, I delved further to check how well the conversion had been achieved.
ZX SpectrumZX Computing (Mar, 1987)
Gauntlet holds a lot of surprises: the graphics are vivid and maintain their clarity, even on a screen teeming with detail. The speed of the game will satisfy even the hardened arcade player, the lifespan of the game will keep the value- conscious happy and there are enough elements to it to satisfy those who want something more than to just shoot things Of course it you just like shooting things and know somebody else who likes shooting things too, then this game will seem very close to heaven.
ZX SpectrumSinclair User (Feb, 1987)
It's actually as good a conversion as could reasonably be hoped for. A relief for Gauntlet players everywhere.
ZX SpectrumYour Computer (Feb, 1987)
It is one of the best arcade conversions yet and two-player mode is really good fun.
Amstrad CPCComputer Gamer (Jan, 1987)
Compared to Dandy, this is whole orders of magnitude better, there is no comparison. The 512 levels of this game (and they are all good levels) in one load, are so much better than the Dandy 15 levels in three loads. With Gauntlet on the shelves, I can't imagine anyone wanting to buy any of the clones.
Amstrad CPCAmtix! (Feb, 1987)
Simply an amazing role playing maze game.
ArcadeThe Atari Times (Oct 16, 2003)
What else can I say, except that this is one of my all-time favourite games. Pretty good, especially for something that took Atari a couple of tries before they could get it right.
ZX SpectrumComputer Gamer (Feb, 1987)
Compared to the state-of-the-art in Spectrum games, this has got to be the best thing to hit Spectrums since Torus managed to turn out a decent version of Elite. Lets hope that the team of US Gold producing and Gremlin Graphics programming produce more in the future, because Gauntlet is excellent.
Atari STGénération 4 (1987)
Les graphismes sont d'enfer et d'une finesse rare. Les bruitages sont super. Que demander de plus. Gauntlet est le meilleur jeu d'arcade sur ST.
Amstrad CPCAmstrad Action (Jan, 1987)
It's best with two players: the element of co-operation rally brings the game alive. As a one-player game it's pretty nifty too, although it's much tougher. The graphics are small but perfectly formed, and with so many different levels you'll never get tired of them.
Commodore 64Zzap! (Feb, 1987)
Gauntlet is a competent and playable conversion which will appeal to fans of the arcade original.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Feb, 1987)
This conversion is let down a little by the graphics and sound, but the gameplay more than makes up for such deficiencies.
SEGA Master SystemComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Jan, 1991)
Having been cloned, ripped off and generally done to death, the Gauntlet formula emerges here as fresh as the first day the coin-op appeared. The bright colourful graphics and really great sound - including sampled speech, I might add - make the whole game just as playable now as it ever was. The main thing that puts this head and shoulders above practically every other Master System game available is the speed - it's got to rank as one of the fastest games around! The sprites hare around the screen with no flicker at all, which goes to show what can be done if enough care and attention is taken with Sega games. If you're a fan of the genre, or just want a brilliant game for your Master System, you could do no wrong with this. More, US Gold, please!
SEGA Master SystemMean Machines (Oct, 1990)
Gauntlet has appeared on virtually every home computer system on Earth, and I'm glad to see that the Sega version tops the lot for sheer playability. The game is played at a tremendous speed, and each dungeon is packed with literally hundreds of vile and gruesome creatures all out to get you - as you can imagine, it's action all the way! As well as being very playable, the graphics and sound are also excellent. The sprites are small, but they're superbly detailed, and the backdrops are very polished, giving the game a true arcade look. With 100 different levels the challenge you, Gauntlet won't lost its appeal in a hurry. If you've got a Sega, do yourself a favour and plug this into it.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Feb, 1987)
The main program is on side one: the dungeons on side two. A second player can join a one person game at any stage. Though you don't get a choice of characters that way. If you want to change characters at all, you have to re-load the whole thing.
Commodore 64Commodore User (Jan, 1987)
Gauntlet is definitely the most exciting coin-op conversion ever for the 64. For sheer fun and hours of entertainment value per £1 this game is the best yet.
Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG) (Jan, 1987)
Now that the real thing is here the imitators begin to look a bit weedy. There's really only room for one Gauntlet - and this is THE business. Accept no alternatives and shop at the sign of the chainmailed fist. You won't be disappointed.
J2MEMobile Game Faqs (Nov 08, 2004)
Gauntlet is a classic. It was good then, it's still good now. It may look a bit dated, but the gameplay and difficulty are just as good even now.
Commodore 6464'er (Feb, 1987)
Sieht man von den kleinen Fehlern ab, ist Gauntlet eine sehr gut gelungene Spielhallen-Umsetzung, bei der der Spielwitz des Originals weitestgehend erhalten blieb. Schade, daß es nicht mehr Umsetzungen dieser Qualität gibt.
SEGA Master SystemACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) (Oct, 1990)
Two players can simultaneously play Gauntlet. You can either assist or hinder your colleague. If you want a laugh, do both. The Sega Master version contains a few changes to the coin-op. Instead of individual player speeds you get different rates of fire, and the thief has been replaced by potion penalties. So what? Sega Master Gauntlet is an accurate conversion of a fun fantasy shoot 'em-up. Go grab yourself some maze.
ZX SpectrumCrash! (Nov, 1988)
[Budget release] Although graphically and sonically rather dull the Spectrum version of Gauntlet retains (most importantly) all the playability of the classic coin-op. While the large amount of levels require a multiload, since eight load in a time play doesn't suffer too many interruptions. A huge, action-packed game, this is a bargain. If you were silly enough to miss it first time around, get it NOW!
Amstrad CPCHappy Computer (1987)
Action-Spiele gibt es viele, aber die wenigsten sind so gut wie die sorgfältige Umsetzung des Gauntlet-Automaten. Man kann dem Programm zwar ankreiden, daß es fast etwas zu leicht ist, aber ich finde es ganz angenehm, mal ein weniger schweres Spiel in die Finger zu bekommen.
Commodore 64Happy Computer (1986)
Gauntlet gehört zu den Spielen, die auf den ersten Blick nicht besonders toll aussehen, aber wehe, man fängt zu spielen an! Vor allem zu zweit kämpft man sich dann mit Freude durch die immerhin 512 Dungeons. [...] Action-Spiele gibt es viele, aber die wenigsten sind so gut wie die sorgfältige Umsetzung des Gauntlet-Automaten. Mann kann dem Programm zwar ankreiden, daß es fast etwas zu leicht ist, aber ich finde es ganz angenehm, mal ein weniger schweres Spiel in die Finger zu bekommen. (Page 23)
Commodore 64Your Commodore (Mar, 1987)
There are many different ways to play the game. You can go for a high-score, you can try and get to the very high levels, you can work alone or in partnership, all have their own advantages and all are fun. It's a fascinating game and well worth every penny.
ArcadeRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Prenez une idée géniale et un concept simple servis par une réalisation parfaitement adaptée, et vous obtenez un titre qui n’a pratiquement pas pris une ride en dépit de son âge. Jeu inépuisable au fun immédiat et à la prise en main instantanée, Gauntlet reste un titre capable de fédérer en un temps record quatre joueurs réunis dans la même pièce et comptant autant sur l’esprit d’équipe que sur l’habileté pour mesurer leur endurance au cœur des centaines de niveaux du jeu. Difficile d’imaginer principe de jeu plus universel et plus accessible – mais dommage que le jeu perde beaucoup de son charme lorsqu’on le pratique seul.
ZX SpectrumYour Sinclair (Nov, 1988)
You, for some reason known only to yourself, are stuck in this many-levelled world of mazes, all of a particular size but each of its own pattern. Nasties abound, and depending which characters you have chosen (you can take two of four on offer) you can fire at them with variable degrees of effectiveness. Sooner or later you die, of course, but don't we all? I couldn't get the famous SYM SHIFT cheat to work on this one, but I'll be fascinated to hear of anyone who can. Good blasting.
80 (UK) (Oct 25, 2007)
Inspired by an Atari 800 game called Dandy (no relation to the comic), Gauntlet's immortal creator, Ed Logg, made use of the coin-op's power to fashion a game that was as talkative as it was deep. A constant (and ultimately irritating) narration followed the players around the dank maze, warning gamers about all manner of on-screen events. The voice of Gauntlet is remembered every bit as much as the awesome gameplay, and proved the importance of atmospheric effects when crafting a truly classic game.
ArcadeAll Game Guide (1998)
Gauntlet stands out for its engaging multiplayer action, huge number of mazes, memorable characters, balanced gameplay, fun voice effects and advanced graphics. It helped reinvigorate the relatively docile gaming scene of the mid-'80s.
Commodore (Jun, 2005)
Gauntlet ist für mich ein echter Klassiker. Dies aber nur als Multiplayer-Spiel. Für Einzelspieler ist es zu schwer und macht nur halb so viel Laune. Deshalb gibt es nicht mehr als acht Punkte.
Atari STATARImagazin (Jun, 1987)
Da man beim Spielstart mit viel Energie ausgestattet wird und zudem zahlreiche Auffrischungen erhalten kann, ist es bei "Gauntlet" möglich, auch ohne Übung längere Zeit zu spielen. Beim ersten Versuch kam ich bereits in den neunten Level und hatte viel Spaß dabei. Wer gerne solch knifflige Aufgaben löst, sollte sich "Gauntlet" unbedingt einmal ansehen.
SEGA Master SystemJoystick (French) (Apr, 1991)
Une toute petite dernière chose avant de se quitter, tout comme dans Indiana Jones, Durant le jeu, il n'y a pas de musique, seuls quelques bruitages et digits sonores (un élément encore bien rare sur Master System) viendront égayer l'atmosphère un peu sinistre de Gauntlet, qui reste tout de même un excellent divertissement.
SEGA Master SystemPlay Time (May, 1991)
Das fesselnde an diesem Spiel sind die vielen Gegner, die besiegt werden sollen. Auch die Gestaltung der Räume ändert sich durch Aussehen und verschiedene Hindernisse.
Xbox 360Retro Gamer (Feb, 2006)
Xbox Live faithfully recreates the joy of playing with your mates in your local arcade, except now you can do it in your own home whenever you want. Online play is stable and there are always plenty of gamers wanting to join in a game (something the other three Midway titles cannot guarantee). What online Gauntlet does very well is to force players to co-operate to clear each dungeon. Due to its toughness, lives are inevitably lost on a regular basis, but as long as one person survives the stage everyone else will be revived. It’s a great little addition that makes Gauntlet a real joy to play. Just stay away from the pointless single-player experience that grants you infinite health.
SEGA Master SystemSega Does (Apr 03, 2017)
Rest assured, the Master System port of Gauntlet is mad decent. But was it worth releasing in 1990? I’m not sure how many ports of Gauntlet Europe and Brazil received prior to 1990, but here in the States, you could play the game on a myriad of computers or the NES. The Master System version, had it been released here, would have been overkill and probably not sold well. That’s not to say Europe and Brazil weren’t thankful for Gauntlet‘s presence. God knows they received more than their fair share of terrible Master System games exclusive to their territories. Perhaps Gauntlet buoyed the spirits of Master System fans and made them believe better games were just around the corner. Stranger things have happened.
Commodore 64Tilt (Apr, 1987)
Dans un labyrinthe infesté de fantômes, un ou deux chevaliers partent à l'aventure. Un thème classique mais ici, il est très bien traité. La version Commodore 64 est excellente (voir test sur Amstrad dans Tilt 39, page 43). Le jeu est difficile, l'animation très précise. La vue aérienne des tableaux aide à la vision du terrain.
Xbox 360TalkXbox (Feb 12, 2006)
Whether you’re a young RPG lover who wants to see where it all began, or an elder who wants to relive their glory days, you need to immediately dish out five bones and give Gauntlet a whirl. It doesn’t reek with glossy presentation, overkill violence, or profanity, yet it’s perhaps the most risqué game you’ll ever play. It’s hard to describe, so for contrast, it’s similar to Brisk Iced-Tea – raw and delicious.
DOSThe Games Machine (UK) (Oct, 1988)
Gauntlet could have been improved by including varied background colours and properly defined walls - the mazes are dull in comparison to the lively sprites. PC sound, as always, consists of a few bleeps and warbling effects. However, it seems that Gauntlet is Gauntlet no matter what machine it appears on.
Xbox 360Gaming Target (Jan 26, 2006)
Gauntlet debuted back in 1985 in the arcades and it provided a quarter-popping experience that many still remember to this day. Of course, there have been many reiterations on the formula released over the years, but the original still holds up even after all this time. With the release of Gauntlet for the Xbox 360’s Live Arcade service, the game receives a facelift in the form of slightly sharpened graphics and Xbox Live multiplayer. Are these changes enough to warrant checking it out? For five bucks, you bet it’s worth a download.
Atari STRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Gauntlet sur Atari ST était considéré à sa sortie comme une excellente conversion de l’arcade, et on comprend pourquoi. Le jeu s’en tire avec les honneurs, et est toujours aussi agréable à jouer – mais pas à plus de deux, malheureusement, et en faisant quelques sacrifices du côté de la partie sonore.
Xbox (Jan 26, 2006)
Was soll man zu Gauntlet großartig sagen? Es ist ein Meilenstein der Videospielgeschichte, der via Xbox Live Arcade originalgetreu wiederbelebt wurde, aber einfach nicht mehr denselben Reiz wie vor zwanzig Jahren versprüht. Während zeitlose Klassiker wie Tetris auch heute noch süchtig machen, wirkt Gauntlet trotz wahlweise aufpolierter Optik nicht nur technisch, sondern auch spielerisch reichlich angestaubt. In geselliger Runde sorgt das simple Monstermetzeln zwar nach wie vor eine zeitlang für Gaudi, aber auf Dauer ist es einfach zu primitiv und abwechslungsarm, um längerfristig zu fesseln. Nostalgikern wird‘s egal sein. Für weniger als fünf Euro werden aber auch jüngere Hack‘n‘Slay-Fans einen Download nicht bereuen, denn zwischendurch ist eine Team-Partie Gauntlet allemal eine Zeitreise wert - dank Online-Modus auch dann, wenn gerade keine Freunde zur Hand sind.
Xbox 360GamesRadar (Apr 01, 2006)
We're sure a good amount of you Xbox 360 owners don't remember the days of wallet-murdering arcade games. The claustrophobic dungeon crawler Gauntlet was the worst kind - one quarter wouldn't cut it. As you ran through overhead, labyrinthine passageways packed with monsters, you were constantly losing health. To keep it up, you had to find scarce items like food, or keep pumping Washington's skull into the arcade cabinet.
SEGA Master SystemRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Alors que la Megadrive commençait déjà à tracer sa route, sa grande sœur accueillait encore des portages de l’arcade – et de bonne qualité, pour ne rien gâcher. La version Master System reste d’ailleurs l’une des meilleures adaptations du jeu d’Atari.
Xbox 360GameSpot (Nov 23, 2005)
When the four-player dungeon shoot-'em-up Gauntlet became an instant classic in pizza parlors and video arcades across the nation, no one could have possibly imagined that we'd still be playing it 20 years later. Of course, you're not likely to see an original Gauntlet machine these days, but the game has been refurbished and made playable online through the Xbox Live Arcade service. So for the price of a couple of slices of pizza, you could be playing Gauntlet with high-definition graphics and with other nostalgic fans all over the world.
SEGA Master SystemVideo Games (Mar, 1991)
Spielerisch sorgt Gauntlet nicht zuletzt wegen der netten Grafik und des guten Sounds für gepflegte Unterhaltung. Spaß macht‘s vor allem dann, wenn man zu zweit auf Punktehatz geht. Alleine wird das Monster verhauen auf Dauer etwas eintönig.
SEGA Master SystemRaze (Jan, 1991)
The conversion's faithful to the coin-op - it's fast, furious and immensely playable.
SEGA Master SystemPower Play (Feb, 1991)
Technisch macht die Gauntlet-Version auf dem Master System gar keine schlechte Figur. Prächtige Farben, hübsche Sprites und eine gelungene Adaption des Original-Automatensounds sprechen eigentlich für Gauntlet. Leider ist das Programm spielerisch auf dem Stand vor vier Jahren stehengeblieben. Während andere Gauntlet-Fassungen mit neuen Spielelementen aufwarten (z.B. die amerikanische NES-Fassung) wurde dies leider beim Master System versäumt. Die Folge: Schon nach kurzer Zeit stellen sich die ersten Ermüdungserscheinungen ein, und das Modul verschwindet im Regal.
ZX SpectrumRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Calque presque total de la version MSX, la version ZX Spectrum en partage à la fois toutes les forces et toutes les faiblesses.
MSXRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Un peu chiche niveau couleurs, la version MSX de Gauntlet compense par une résolution plus fine que les autres portages 8-bits et par une animation irréprochable. Sans doute l’une des versions sur ordinateur les plus nerveuses à jouer.
SEGA Master SystemGames-X (Mar, 1991)
This is a faithful representation of the arcade classic and it stands up very well against the other 8-bit versions, which have been around for years.
Amstrad CPCRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Plus jouable et plus belle que la version Atari 800, la version CPC de Gauntlet doit hélas composer avec son lot de ralentissements – mais reste très agréable à jouer, à un ou deux joueurs.
Amstrad CPCPopular Computing Weekly (Dec 04, 1986)
Make no mistake, if you want to play Gauntlet, no frills, on your home computer this Christmas (and although we've only seen the CPC version, there is no reason why the others shouldn't be of a similar standard) - US Gold has delivered the goods.
Xbox 360Video Game Talk (Feb 19, 2006)
While the game is on the cheap end of the Xbox Live Arcade cost spectrum, it has a short single player life and the online portion is only average at best due to poor players. Fanatics of the old arcade classic won't be disappointed, but the average Xbox Live user may feel cheated as the game pales in comparison to the quality of a game like Geometry Wars. Be wary of the difference in quality before purchasing Gauntlet, but it is worth a few hours of fun if you are looking for a classic 2D shooter.
Xbox 360Game Chronicles (Mar 04, 2006)
I don’t care if you are fourteen or forty, if you call yourself a gamer then you have at least heard of the legendary Gauntlet, and most of you have probably played at least one incarnation of this classic RPG in the past 20 years.
Xbox 360IGN (Dec 01, 2005)
How I miss the old days of eagerly dropping my one or two precious quarters into the Gaunlet arcade machines that populated the sweaty ice rinks of my youth. If more than one person happened to be at the machine, the experience was exponentially better, at least until someone inevitably ran out of change. Now, the title of the past that's spawned many mediocre sequels is back on Xbox Live and a few things have changed for the better.
Xbox 360Lawrence (Aug 15, 2006)
Considering the amount of quality titles on Xbox Live Arcade (and the huge success of Street Fighter II), I think it’s only appropriate for to start covering them. From this point forward, we’ll include reviews of new XBLA games in a kind of “mini-review” format. All of the grading criteria will be omitted except for the Overall score (after all, I’d feel odd scoring UNO’s graphics).
Commodore 64Retro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Semi-déception que cette version Commodore 64 – fluide et jouable, certes, mais qui aurait certainement pu prétendre à un peu mieux, graphiquement parlant.
J2MEairgamer (Feb 05, 2005)
Das pure Metzeln ohne jeglichen Tief- gang ist für heutige Maßstäbe nicht mehr ausreichend. Das Spielprinzip ist veraltet und allenfalls für Kenner des Originals oder Nostalgiker interessant. Alle anderen, die Spaß am Monster metzeln haben, sollten besser zu Nightmare Creatures greifen.
Atari 8-bitRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Porter un jeu aussi ambitieux que Gauntlet sur un hardware aussi limité que celui de l’Atari 8-bit dès 1985 représentait un bel exploit – et on appréciera que celui-ci ait été réalisé. Évidemment, le révolutionnaire jeu à quatre est passé à la trappe, mais le titre reste toujours divertissant – et très difficile – à deux, en dépit d’une certaine latence dans les tirs qui rend le jeu moins agréable à jouer.
SEGA Master SystemASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Oct, 1990)
Die größte Freude am Spiel kommt noch beim Two-Player-Teamwork auf, da der Spielablauf auf die Dauer doch recht ermüdend wirkt. Daran ändert leider auch die Sega-atypisch gute Grafik nichts, die von sparsam eingesetzen Sounds unterstützt wird. Technisch ist GAUNTLET up to date - spielerisch jedoch rieselt schon der Putz aus den Keller-Gewölben. Der Zahn der Zeit hat auch hier genagt.
DOSRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
À peine passable, voilà la mention que récolterait aujourd’hui cette version. Ce n’est pas hideux, mais ce n’est pas beau non plus, ce n’est pas injouable, mais ça n’est pas exactement trépidant non plus, bref, ce n’est pas une catastrophe mais c’est parfaitement oubliable.
Commodore 64All Game Guide (1998)
Gauntlet is, of course, a better arcade game. Even if you enjoyed it in the arcade you may be hard pressed to have fun with the Commodore 64 version.
Xbox 360XBox Evolved (Nov 17, 2005)
When Gauntlet hit the arcades in 1985 it was an addictive experience that showed how well multiplayer could work, using a sort of action role-playing type format. Since then, many other versions of the game have hit the arcade but they were never to far from the original that which they spawned. Basically, in the game you can be a elf, or a knight, or some other character and you travel through maze areas, fighting off hordes upon hordes of monsters that come your way. It is pretty effective, and all you need to know how to do is move, and press A to fire magic at them. Even neater is you can play the game with people online, and not just people in your living room. Each of the characters to choose from have certain attributes that make them better or worse at a task, so you have a bit more variety.
Excluding blind nostalgia, the tremendous variety of Live Arcade games sends Gauntlet to the bottom of the quality list. Four-player Xbox Live play is fun in short bursts, but wears thin when the basic, simplistic, and cheap gameplay shows through. It's hardly worth the effort anymore.
Xbox 360Wham! gaming (Jan 25, 2006)
Ugh….this game may hold some retro appeal for a very few certain fans, but it just doesn’t hold up like the other arcade games do years later on the 360.
Apple IIgsRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Après la douche froide de la version Apple II, on était en droit d’attendre que l’Apple II GS vienne redorer un peu le blason de la firme à la pomme. Malheureusement, on attend toujours. Si le jeu est moins moche que sur Apple II (encore heureux!), on est malgré tout très, très loin de ce qu’était capable d’offrir le modèle GS, normalement de taille à rivaliser avec un Amiga.
Apple IIRetro Archives (Oct 13, 2017)
Difficile de savoir si cette version de Gauntlet était pensée comme une source d’argent facile ou comme l’un des derniers clous pour sceller le sort de l’Apple II, mais il est très difficile aujourd’hui de lui trouver une quelconque excuse: il n’y a absolument rien à sauver dans cette sinistre blague.
Atari STComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Apr, 1988)
Players who are undecided about which game they would rather spend their money on can send two dollars to Electronic Arts for a three level demonstration disk of Demon Stalkers (see CGW #44, February, p. 45 for details). In reality, players who crave this type of action will not be disappointed with either game. Both games allow players the opportunity to go from . . . er .. . rats to riches, a chance to go from being waist deep in monsters to waist deep in money.
Atari 8-bitComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Apr, 1988)
Players who are undecided about which game they would rather spend their money on can send two dollars to Electronic Arts for a three level demonstration disk of Demon Stalkers (see CGW #44, February, p. 45 for details). In reality, players who crave this type of action will not be disappointed with either game. Both games allow players the opportunity to go from . . . er .. . rats to riches, a chance to go from being waist deep in monsters to waist deep in money.
Commodore 64Computer Gaming World (CGW) (Apr, 1988)
Players who are undecided about which game they would rather spend their money on can send two dollars to Electronic Arts for a three level demonstration disk of Demon Stalkers (see CGW #44, February, p. 45 for details). In reality, players who crave this type of action will not be disappointed with either game. Both games allow players the opportunity to go from . . . er .. . rats to riches, a chance to go from being waist deep in monsters to waist deep in money.
Atari 8-bitThe Video Game Critic (Apr 02, 2005)
This couldn't hold a candle to the frenetic dungeon-shooting action of the original game. Your projectiles move remarkably slowly, making it impossible to keep the hordes of pixilated demons at bay. And then you have the putrid audio track. Calling the sound effects sparse would be an understatement. If not for some mono-tones and static, you'd being playing in complete silence. The arcade version of Gauntlet may have been a demanding game, but I find it hard to believe that this was the best the XE could do with it. Mindscape had a lot of balls to release this garbage. I'm sure it completely disgusted many gamers back in the day.