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Gauntlet Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
Credits screen
Choose a character!
The exit (and a key!) on the first level
Whoa, lots of ghosts to fight...
Uh oh, I'm surrounded!
Fighting some grunts in this maze...
These demons spit fire at you...
Numerous wizards attack!

Apple II version

Title screen
Introduction; how to play the game.
Choose your character.
The first level is fairly straightforward and easy.
A lot of ghosts behind that door! I could use a magic potion...
Found some food; better grab it before more ghosts arrive on the scene...
Lost somewhere in the fourth maze.

Apple IIgs version

Loading screen
Title screen
Choose your warrior
Starting out

Arcade version

Level 1
Weak ghosts
I'm surrounded
Second level
Third level
Long corridors
Level 5
Level 8
Red monsters
Purple mage
Ghost types

Atari 8-bit version

Title screen
Credits screen
Choose a character!
The exit is easy to find on the first level
An aweful lot of ghosts wait behind that door
Uh oh, I'm trapped in a corner...
Lot's of corridors to get lost in
Some enemies throw rocks at you
Some different kinds of floor tiles hold surprises if you dare to walk on them
Destroy the generators to prevent enemies from appearing
Whoa, there's an awful lot of death's behind that wall; I hope that wall doesn't disappear!
Drat, a dead end...

Atari ST version

Title screen
The exit on the first level
A whole lot of ghosts behind that closed door!
Watch out for those grunts coming up behind you...
A room with some keys and ghosts...
The exit is in sight, but I'm at a dead end!

Commodore 64 version

Title screen
Game credits
Choose a character
Gameplay on the first level
Found a key, but surrounded by ghosts!
Destroy the generators to stop enemies from appearing
Gameplay on the 8th level

DOS version

Title screen (EGA)
Choose your character (EGA)
The game instructions (EGA)
Starting a new game (EGA)
The second level - good thing there's a magic potion here (EGA)
Level three (EGA)
Title screen (CGA)
The game instructions (CGA)
One or two players? (CGA)
Beginning a game (CGA)
Save keys to open doors (CGA)
Surrounded by ghosts! (CGA)
Gameplay on the first level (Tandy/PCjr)
Lots of ghosts await! (Tandy/PCjr)
Uh oh, I'm surrounded! (Tandy/PCjr)

Macintosh version

Title screen (colour)
Title screen (mono)
Mindscape logo
Title screen (B&W)
Choose your character (B&W)
Choose your controls (B&W)
About Gauntlet (B&W)
Attacked by a ghost (B&W)
Lots of ghosts behind this wall (B&W)

MSX version

Title screen
Introduction part 1 - credits and info
Introduction part 2 - how to play the game.
Player one, select a character!

SEGA Master System version

Title screen
It's rather quiet for the moment.
The future starts looking bleak...
Grab the keys to unlock the doors.
You're dead.

Xbox 360 version

The main menu
Title screen
Fighting ghosts on an easy level
Yikes! Could use a magic potion to take care of all of those ghosts...
Fighting my way through a maze...
Careful of these demons, they spit fire!
That group of sorcerers ended my life...

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Game credits
Number of players and character selection