6-PAK (Genesis)

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Written by  :  Attila (588)
Written on  :  Jun 23, 2002

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A nice compilation of early Genesis games

The Good

Golden Axe - Great beat 'em up game, my personal favorite from these 6 games. One or two player action with a cool tournament style mode.

Streets of Rage - Another good beat 'em up, not as good as 2 or Golden Axe, in my opinion, but a solid game nonetheless.

Columns - A puzzle/tetris type game, another one of my favorites. Many different gameplay modes to keep you busy.

The Bad

Revenge of Shinobi - Most people would probably disagree with me here. I didn't like the game, probably because it was wicked hard, but I know others do. This is just a matter of personal opinion, try the game for yourself before you decide.

Sonic the Hedgehog - Obviously this isn't a bad game, in fact it was one of my favorites. But who hasn't played Sonic the Hedgehog? I feel it's a waste of space on this cart and they should have put a more overlooked game on it.

Super Hang-On - This game sucks. If you want a good motorcycle game, try one of the Road Rash games.

The Bottom Line

Buy it if you like beat 'em ups or platformers. Don't buy it for Super Hang-On. Overall a pretty good compilation.