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The Addams Family Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Starting the game
Flying with a helicopter
Old tree
Rabbits and other fearsome monsters
Flying fishes in the conservatory
The music room! Yeah! :))
Collecting dough
Cup of coffee?
Continue or quit?
Nice animal it was...
No! I don't wanna play such games!!..
Sometimes you can pick a spear or a projectile weapon that last until you're hit
Bird boss
"A" blocks have hints on current area
Invincibility, running with penguins
Rolling snowball
Wow, this secret room is nice
The snowman
The centipedes boss. The patterns of bosses are quite primitive.
Addams family crypt
Knights and knight armor in the armoury
Helpful items in the closet
You need the flying hat to safely cross this area
In the library
Indeed, there are cleverly hidden doors in the game
Inside a hidden passage
On a moving train, trying to avoid hazards
The witch. Fester, could you move out of the way? I'm fighting a boss here.
You have to make some very precise jumps in this section
There's little room for error with these moving stars. Good thing I have more hearts now.
Goblin boss
Rescue a family member and you get a password
Another tricky jumping section
Just fall down and collect the cash
Climbing a rope in a tight spot
The cookie jar room. Just collect the $
Now things get tricky. You can't touch enemies in this area.
Using a spring to jump over lava pit. Safety first!
Fire dragon boss
Wacky scientist boss
The area near the final is all ropes and spiked pits
In the catacombs
The enemies later in the game may look different, but their patterns are all familiar
Crossing a river
The vault
Final boss - the judge