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Adventures of Yogi Bear Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Map screen
Yogi Bear is about to cross a bridge and collect some clocks: the first of a long adventure...
Meanwhile, after some time exploring, Yogi Bear is surprised by duo-rabbit trouble...
To escape from the danger, Yogi jumps above a row of weasels... and he's about to stomp one of them!
Before hitting the checkpoint plate, Yogi Bear decides to collect some more floating clocks...
Besides lighting some lanterns and picking up some clocks, Yogi still must escape the old-timer guy...
Yogi jumping to collect some picnic baskets: meanwhile, a pestering skunk comes in his direction...
Yogi Bear trying to jump above another row of weasels: this time he's hit by one of them!
After some time riding a mine cart, Yogi finds a cake piece: but he must escape another obstacle!
Where will Yogi Bear jump first: to the many floating picnic baskets or to the Dream Time bed?
While Yogi Bear collects a new row of clocks, two top-falling stones are about to pester his way...
Before crossing to the other side, Yogi Bear must avoid being bitten by some jumping-raging fish.
After some walking/exploring, Yogi Bear arrives at a place surrounded by ghosts.
Demonstration mode: with a jump of faith, Yogi hit-stomps a ghost, but could he stomp the next one?
To continue his adventure (and collect more baskets), Yogi must beat the menace of a pestering bird!
Surrounded by a bird and some weasels, Yogi must think of a quick solution for this multi-trouble!
Yogi Bear crossing a wood bridge: through some accuracy, he is able to catch a piece of cake.
After some time swimming, Yogi Bear finds a raging fish and... waits for the best moment to beat it!
Yogi Bear utilizes a "beaver-surfing" method to find a section with more collectible clocks.
Now, Yogi reaches another place, with two floating oil drums (next to some more clocks).