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Alien Soldier Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title Screen
Japan Title screen
Setup your weapons
Killing a grenade launcher
First Boss
Counter Force!
Zero Teleport!
Second stage Boss
Stage 3 Final Boss (Shell Shogun)
Stage 4 Final Boss, what's that ugly thing?
Stage 7: Alarm? another monster awaits me??
Stage 8: It's raining.. and i'm seeing a suspect guy above the train
Stage 9: Great... rain has stopped, i prefer a real fight more than get wet
I remember this guy...
Huh? what's happening to him??
"Ha, ha, ha... I will be your worst nightmare... you gonna die!!"
It's enormous... and this thunder makes him more majestic
Let's Fight!!
Stage 10 Final Boss (I hate water stages...)
Stage 17: What's that shoot? Is it anybody here?
Do you remember that I said about Xi-Tiger? I retire it
This mutant mosquito avoids our shot.
Stage 20: This young girl transforms into a series of nasty robots, they are five in total, but curiously they are called "Seven Force"
It's the first transformation, the Valkyrie Force. When you kill it, his energy bar will be recovered at 100% (the same with other transformations). You'll need more than patience to pass this level..
Stage 23 Final Boss (Wolfgunblood/Garopa)
Stage 25 -and last- Boss (Z-Leo), I already can say that I have seen everything
My attacks are too weak for him! I should modify my strategy
I have no idea about this creature
Weirdest boss
Boss fight in dark corridor
Catch ceiling
Small, flying, hard-to-hit enemies are annoying. In EVERY game.