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atari breakout

Cheat ModeContributed by Sciere (829424) on Feb 29, 2004.

To activate the cheat mode, start the console and hold A as soon as the SEGA logo disappears. As soon as the Game Arts logo disappears, release A and hold B. Wait until the word GAINAX has disappeared, then release B and hold C. Hold it until the text 'composed by' starts to fade. Then press START when the starts break out of the crystal. If done correctly, you hear a sound. The following features become available:

Slow Motion: Press A on Controller 2 to freeze the game; press it rapidly for a slow-motion mode. Press B on Controller 2 to return to the game.

Scene Skip: Press C on Controller 2 to skip the current scene. On stages with only one scene, such as Stage 3, this will skip the entire level. Note: Do not use this on Stage 8, as the game will screw up and you will need to reset.

Stage Select: On Controller 2 press C, then immediately afterwards press one of the following button combinations:

  • Stage 1 - C
  • Stage 2 - B
  • Stage 3 - B+C
  • Stage 4 - A
  • Stage 5 - A+C
  • Stage 6 - A+B
  • Stage 7 - A+B+C
  • Stage 8 - Start

Health, Levels, Invincibility & One-Hit Kills: Freeze the game by pressing A on Controller 2, then unfreeze the game (B on Controller 2) whilst holding one of the following buttons on Controller 1:

  • Up - Sets Alisia's HP Gauge to the maximum 6 blocks.
  • Left - Increases the level of Alisia's Thunder Magic.
  • Right - Increases the level of the currently selected monster.

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