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Awesome Possum Kicks Dr. Machino's Butt (Genesis)

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Written by  :  optrirominiluikus (118)
Written on  :  Jul 10, 2006
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The worst platformer ever?

The Good

Well, it starts off good, with...wait, no, it doesn't start off good at all.

The Bad

Pretty much everything about this game is done horribly wrong. At first it's just a pain to look at and listen to, with terribly chopped up and badly done graphics. Ok, the Genesis was pretty limited in its display of colors, &c. but this game feels like a true hack job, even if it isn't. Just look at Sonic 2. Secondly, the sound is horrible, with distorted voice samples and bad music. It's not even so bad that it's funny, it's just bad. The controls and challenge is also what is not good about this, if you can manage to stand the terrible controls, you'll probably finish this game in an hour or less. Pretty much you run, like Sonic but not as fast or fun, and jump sometimes, like Sonic, but not as good, and if you're lucky the seemingly random spin attack works so you can dispose of the badly animated and unimaginatively designed enemies.

The Bottom Line

Take Sonic 2. Replace everything that's good with stuff that's bad, and you get Awesome Possum.