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Bahamut Senki Credits (Genesis)

Bahamut Senki Genesis Intro


Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Bahamut Senki Credits

Production Staff (制作スタッフ)

Game DesignMūmin [むうみん], Kenichi Kuratani (倉谷遣一)
ProgramMūmin [むうみん], Kenichi Kuratani (倉谷遣一)
Graphic DesignMao [まお]
SoundMUCHO & Comp.
Project ManageMutsuhiro Fujii (Mutchan [むっちゃん])
Help ProgramMRN
GunshiYamazaa [やまざー]
Data AdjustShakuson [釈尊], Kazuo Haneda (羽田一夫)
ManualMad Hatter [松戸八太], Rei Ayakami (妖神 零)
PackageMarupennao [まるぺん直], Kinugenezumi‑ka [絹毛ネズミ科]
Special ThanksNishiyama‑dai sim‑ken [西山大シミュ研]
Cover Illustration byHiroaki Shioya

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