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Batman: The Video Game Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Intro text
On the streets of Gotham City
It's raining bats & dogs.
The first boss
Inside the Axis chemical factory
Climbing with the Bat-Hook.
The second boss, Jack Napier
Batman arrives with class at the Flugelheim Museum.
At the Flugelheim Museum, it is better to beat all enemies quickly before the screen gets crowded.
The first boss at Flugelheim Museum
The last boss at Flugelheim Museum. The Joker holds Vick Vale while Batman deals with one of his thugs.
Cut-scene: Batman sets his grappling hook for an escapade.
Tarzan would be envious...
At Gotham City Street, Batman has to fight Joker's cars.
Batman will also fight tanks.
The boss fight with the Batmobile at Gotham City Street.
After parking the Batmobile, he'll continue on foot on the streets. Things won't be easy, as you can see.
The last boss at Gotham City Street
Batman flies over the parade In The Ski Over Gotham City.
The boss fight In The Sky Over Gotham City.
Batman arrives at the crowded Gotham Cathedral.
It seems the guy from the Flugelheim Museum is back.
That boxer guy from Gotham City Street is back also.
That swordsman is also back with a vengeance.
The second face off with that guy from the Flugelheim Museum. I guess this time Batman won't flee with his grappling hook.
Showdown with the Joker