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Battle Golfer Yui Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Character information
Opening intro
The console on the floor looks familiar
Password screen
Conversation options
The first course is played on a baseball field
Options menu while golfing
Choose a club
Decide where to hit the ball
Choose a direction
Powering up the swing meter
The ball in the air
The ball's about to sail over the pitchers mound
Landed in a sand trap
The opponent takes a turn
The player has the option of scanning the whole course with an overhead view
Stats on this hole
More info on the hole
Somebody tell the computer player the hole is over here
The second hole
Hit the ball into a water hazard
The computer player hit a birdie
The third hole
The score so far
The ball being destroyed results in an out of bounds
Match play is scored by number of holes won
Stroke play counts the number of swings the player makes
Stroke play results
A list of special abilities plus their cost to use
This special ability leaves a trail of flames following the ball