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Back of Box - Amiga (US):
    The destruction of the Barrax Empire... A Whirling Barrax ship darts out from the recesses of a dark spiral cave and attacks from the left. You bank hard to escape, but a "chameleon" attacker suddenly appears on the right. The battle is just beginning and this will become your easiest challenge! The toughest opposition awaits!

    The year is 2400 AD. You have led the squadron to the home planet of the Barrax Empire, prepared to avenge their devastating attack on Earth. Armed with weapons specifically designed for this alien environment, you hope your combat skills are up to the task!

    From the designers of Hybris!
    • Single player or two player simultaneous arcade action
    • Smooth vertical and horizontal scrolling across more than 30 continuous minutes of varied background graphics.
    • Dozens of unique spinning, darting and scrambling air opponents.
    • More than 25 different ground emplacements that send "smart" bombs and missiles your way
    • Over 25 completely new weapons that flash, burn and explode and help make your mission a success!
    Unbelievable Arcade Action!
    • Joystick sizzling, mouse melting excitement- you'll need lightning reflexes and amazing tactical skills!
    • Spectacular digitized sound effects-you'll hear every collision and explosion!
    • Spellbinding special effects- flashing lights, glowing aliens and sparkling backgrounds
    • Glittering 3D graphics with true depth-of-field!

    Contributed by Spirit of Error (19) on Mar 07, 2013.