Written by  :  gametrader (233)
Written on  :  Nov 24, 2004
Platform  :  Genesis

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One of the hardest vertical scrolling shooters ever made.

The Good

This game is a true test of your shooter gaming abilities. The power-ups are excellent and the graphics are fantastic. The background music is also pretty good.

The Bad

I really don't like saying that because a game is too hard that it is a negative thing. But if you play single player without changing any of the options, this is the hardest game I have ever played on the Genesis. The multi layered graphics in the underground make it almost impossible to get through without loosing a ship. But all that aside something I consider a major flaw is that when the game is over you can not see what your score was. So scoring is pointless the goal becomes how many of the three underground sequences can you get through. (if any:)

The Bottom Line

Classic vertical scrolling shooter. One button to fire your weapon, another to fire a smart bomb. Several different weapon types are available based on the color of the power-up. Each one makes you stronger. You have a limited number of bombs but they can also be found. Make your way underground only when you think you are strong enough. Memorize the attack patterns and always keep moving. Concentrate on the flying ships first and ground targets that shoot second and save the ground targets that don't shoot till last. You can play with a friend controlling a second ship, but prepare for twice the number of enemy bullets. If you like ultra hard shooters then this is a must have game.