Beggar Prince Ad Blurbs (Genesis)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - Sega Genesis/Mega Drive (NTSC & PAL ):
    The snobby, selfish prince of Shatt Kingdom unknowingly aids a great threat to his world after he switches places with a beggar who looks just like him.

    Wanting only to escape the daily drudgery of his palace life, he has no idea what evil lies in wait around every corner. This careless brat of a boy is now the last chance for his kingdom to remain in peace, rather than be enveloped in chaos. Guide him on his way to learning the path of a true prince, and save his world from sinking into darkness.

    • Beautiful high-color graphics
    • An exciting story filled with challenges and humor
    • Intense battle system including over 30 magic spells
    • Battery backup save function
    • Huge 32-megabit game cartridge

    Contributed by ケヴィン (4150) on Aug 10, 2008.