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Advertising Blurbs - SNES/Genesis/Wii:
    Boogerman is just your standard jump n run... no, wait! You usually don't flick boogers or fart on your enemies in standard jump and run games, do you? Well, here you have to, at least if you want to stand a chance against the evil Boogermeister. The game features about 20 levels of dirt, slime and bad taste in worlds like "Mucous Mountains", "The Pits" or "Flatulent Swamps".

    Contributed by DreinIX (10672) on Jan 30, 2009.

Press Release - Genesis:

    (First Original Interplay Title For SEGA Genesis)

    Irvine, California-November 18,1994-In a world filled with Super Heroes, one more just came down the pipe, and we do mean sewer pipe. Out to save the world from ecological disaster, Boogerman has arrived in stores, and the world of gaming will never be the same again. Available now exclusively for the SEGA Genesis, Boogerman blends hand-drawn cel animation and action with pant loads of sophomoric humor. "Boogerman is not your average Super Hero. In fact, we went decidedly low-brow in our humor and expect to raise a few eyebrows with a product that deals with bodily functions, but who is this game for anyway? What 13-year-old hasn't had burping or farting contests with their friends," said Kim Carino, director of merchandising for Interplay. "Boogerman gives players great animation, action and adventure, plus piles of fun."

    Created from over 1,800 hand drawn animated cels, Boogerman moves with smooth cartoon animation of up to 30 frames per second. Players explore over 20 levels in such worlds as The Pits, Mucous Mountain, Flatulent Swamps, Sewer City and Boogerville.

    Eccentric millionaire Snotty Ragsdale, a.k.a. Boogerman, is an out of practice super hero who must leave his mansion and fight the forces of evil bent on destroying the world's ecology. Using only his natural defenses such as boogers, farts, belches and loogies, Boogerman locks snot with Booger Meister and his stenchmen that fill a 24 meg SEGA Genesis cart

    Boogerman was produced, programmed and co-designed by Interplay's Michael Stragey. His other programming credits include Robocop Vs The Terminator (SNES), The Lord of the Rings (SNES), The Lost Vikings (SNES), Star Trek (NES), Star Trek:25th Anniversary (PC) and Boogerman for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Boogerman will be available for SNES in the late spring of 1995.

    Contributed by skl (1139) on Feb 18, 2004.