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Boogerman: A Pick and Flick Adventure Credits


PresidentBrian Fargo
Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
ProducerMichael W. Stragey
ProgrammerMichael W. Stragey
Designed byChristoper A. Tremmel, Michael W. Stragey
Level DesignChristoper A. Tremmel, Michael W. Stragey
Sewer LevelsMatthew Findley
ArtworkEddie Rainwater, Scott Bieser
Lead TesterRyan Rucinski
TestersDavid L. Simon, Jason G. Suinn, Jim Boone
Voice EditingLarry Peacock
Voice DirectionCharles Deenen, Michael McConnohie
Recorded atPost Logic Hollywood, California
Cast of CharactersRobert Axelrod, Arlene Banas, Steve Bulen, Walter Burr (as Wally Burr), Richard Epcar, Eddie Frierson, Barbara Goodson, Steven M. Kramer (as Steve Kramer), Joyce Kurtz, David Mallow (as David J. Mallow), Michael McConnohie, Michael Sorich, Melodee M. Spevack, Terrence Stone, Robert Towers, Jeffrey Winkless (as Jeff Winkless)
Manual Written byMichael W. Stragey
Manual Design and ProductionDavid Gaines (as Dave Gaines)

Lil' Gangster

Production ManagersChris Takami, Jay Francis
Director of AnimationGabi Payn
Character AnimatorsNorland Tellez, Brenda Banks, Art Morales, Gabi Payn
Assistant AnimatorsJoel Hageman, Clete Shields, Brian Kindregan
Character Clean Up and ColorPike Muniz, Mark Yarber, Roz Gibson, Steven Engels
Background ArtistsJason Magness, Brett Varon


Managing DirectorTony Kavanagh
Original MusicMatt Furniss
Sound EffectsMatt Furniss
Sound DriverShaun Hollingworth
Special ThanksDennis Stragey, Alice Stragey, Hope Stragey, Karen Stragey, Beth Tremmel

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