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Inside Flap of Box - DOS (US):
    You'd think that when the designers of Skyfox and Skate or Die got together, you'd get something like Space Thrashers from Mars. Instead, you've got the most unique and comprehensive martial arts game to date. Go figure. Ray Tobey, Michael Kosaka, and Rick Tiberi are computer senseis, true black belts in their art. Give them a few commands, a few pixels of color, and they could reconstruct the Sistine Chapel--and animate it, to boot. If only they had a Game Designing and Programming competition at Budokan...

    Contributed by Trixter

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (210512) on Jun 04, 2012.

Unknown Source:
    Martial arts meets graphic arts! The most fluid, detailed, and realistic graphics ever designed for a computer game. Authentic Japanese/Okinawan martial arts - all arts and weapons based on real life. Extensively researched and developed by qualified martial artists. Plus more...

    Contributed by IJan (1999) on Dec 17, 1999.