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Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title Screen
Gameplay Options
Team Selection. You can choose from 18 teams including two All-Star teams
TV style-like presentation
Player portraits for the starting line-ups
Sixers and Knicks ready for the game
The new foul shooting meter; Hakeem at the line
The new 2-player cooperative mode
Vlade Divac makes a defensive foul
Make your substitutions at this screen. The computer shows its brilliance by playing 6 foot 4 Gary Payton at the center position
Courts now have the logo of the home team. Here you see the old logo of the Milwaukee Bucks
The game now keeps track of player stats during the course of the game
Kenny Smith tries a 3-pointer
The new replay mode; Chuck Person high above the rim
The tournament mode
You have to enter a password to continue a tournament
If you hold down the pass-button, instead of just tapping it once, you can select the player to whom you want to pass
Going for the easy lay-up