Cannon Fodder Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

the title screen
troops on the way
i thought we were going to the circus?
In simple terms, die here and you'll be really embarrased
the mission goals
the opening training mission has you killing three enemy soldiers
Well done team
victory is rewarded, of course
With each mission complete, another member is added to the team from the line
three members begin mission two
aim in the direction of the bad guys and fire like crazy
three on two
this seems to be a more even contest
some levels are split into phases
Jools and Jops lead the way
notice the sad white crosses on the hill for the lost
you can swim in that river, but you can't fire while in it
target thy enemy
yes, that is a bird
enemy base camp
blowing them out of the way
warm clothing included
can we ice skate afterwards?
Another enemy camp bites the dust
Bring up the map during play if you are lost
one goes it alone while the other stays back
a man on a mission
plenty more where that came from
Easy mission. Small map, many enemies, simple targets.
Hole in ground is full of enemies. Maybe Vietnamese tunnel
Map - long, narrow level
My team is dead. :(
Only one survived - time to kill defenseless enemy in water. Revenge is sweet.