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Chakan Credits (Genesis)

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Chakan Credits


Produced byE. Ettore Annunziata
Programmed byJonathan Miller, David Foley, Dean Sitton, Beth Carter
Stunt ProgrammerBurt Sloane
Game Design byMark Miller, Jonathan Miller
Art DirectionSteven A. Ross, Mira F. Ross
MusicNu Romantic Productions, Mark Miller, Jason Scher
SoundNu Romantic Productions, Mark Miller, Jason Scher
MarketingJaime Wojick
Based on Characters Created byRobert Kraus, R.A.K. Graphics
Special Thanks toClyde Grossman, Steven Apour, S.O.A. Software Test Dept., Mark Lindstrom, Alex Fairchild, Eric Rawlins, Ron Calonje, Joe Cain, Julio Martinez, Gabriel Watts, Lawrence Jeung, Jay Alonzo, Siegfried Stangenberg, Martin Kojnok, Dianna Carroll, S.O.A. Consumer Service, Jeronimo Barrera, Jerry Markota, K and L Catering, and... You!

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