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Too much Action, even for Bruce Willis Othello Picklehammer (12) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.3
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.8
Overall User Score (49 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Insomnia (Dec 10, 2008)
It's not all about challenge though. The reason this is among the best 2D action shooters is that previously mentioned ostentatious style, and the consistency with which it delivers. Few games of its kind can claim to orchestrate the degree of energetic action Hard Corps gives you in its greatest moments. And while it loses an edge on its arcade contemporaries by lacking any type of real scoring (what's there is pretty much an extend mechanism), it does recover some depth from the ability to mix and match characters and routes. It's really everything you can ask for from a 2D action game.
Jim's lost a lot of weight lately. He also sold his SNES. The connection is obvious. Contra: Hard Corps is not only a kick-ass game, but it also forces you to get your ass in shape because one look at its awesomeness is enough to make a man foresake his SNES and cheese puffs.
GamePro (US) (Nov, 1994)
Konami comes through for those bullet-hungry, mech-mashing hardcore Contra addicts out there. If you like blowing up problems instead of solving them, this game is for you.
Retrogaming History (Nov 06, 2009)
Contra: Hard Corps può essere definito come un coin-op di alto livello magnificamente compattato in una cart del Mega Drive. Un brillante run ‘n’ gun, dunque, che offre una quantità d’azione pienamente adatta a soddisfare i videogiocatori più esigenti, garantendo, così, un adrenalinico divertimento per un periodo più lungo rispetto agli standard del genere. La realizzazione tecnica di gran classe, poi, suggella la perfetta riuscita di uno dei migliori action game mai realizzati per il 16 bit Sega. Unici nei: i fondali non sempre generosi sul fronte dei colori e del dettaglio e la difficoltà potenzialmente indigesta delle versioni riservate al mercato nord americano ed europeo.
Mean Machines (Nov, 1994)
A masterpiece in Megadrive programming. Tough in all the right places, packed with levels, and soaked in imagination and innovation. Brilliant!
Quebec Gamers (Aug 04, 2005)
Konami a mit le paquet pour nous en mettre plein la vue! C'est preuve comme quoi quand des gens capables de produire de bons jeux décident de s'y mettent ils peuvent créer de belles choses. Contra Hard Corps est non seulement un des 5 meilleurs jeux du Genesis (le meilleur selon moi) mais un des meilleurs jeux d'action 16 bits jamais fait!
I still rate Super Contra as one of the best SNES games of all time, and while this isn't quite as good, for a Mega Drive conversion it's stunning. One of the key features is that it's so tough, and you can't play all the levels in one game, so you have to go back several times to see everything. It's this kind of challenge and longevity, coupled with stunning action and amazing technical effects that make Probotector one of the hottest Mega Drive carts of the year.
neXGam (Dec 27, 2009)
Ist im Allgemeinen Gunstar Heroes als das Maß aller MegaDrive Actionfeuerwerk-Arien bekannt, legt Probotector hier die Messlatte nochmals höher und ist unerreichbar für alle anderen Spiele. Einige Effekte hätte man dem guten, alten MegaDrive gar nicht zugetraut. Technisch einwandfrei und spielerisch erstklassig. Nur vor dem harschen Schwierigkeitsgrad sei gewarnt, Anfänger werden verzweifeln. Umfangs-, abwechslungs- und actionreicher als das SNES-Spiel - mit ebenbürtigen Special Effects. Der absolute MustHave-Titel für jeden Action-Fetischisten.
Game Players (Oct, 1994)
This is easily the most challenging Contra yet. Sure, some bosses have predictable patterns, but then there are those who attack you six different ways in no particular order! The learning curve here is steep. If the game were completely linear, with the stages following each other, I doubt anyone would get through it!
Shin Force (Nov 20, 2015)
This is side scrolling, shooting bliss... As long as you can stand the punishing difficulty. Even if you are not a huge fan of shooters, make an exception for Contra: Hard Corps.
GamesCollection (Feb 18, 2008)
In definitiva uno dei giochi più belli per Mega Drive ed uno dei migliori Contra della saga, per molti versi superiore all’episodio su Super Famicom, un titolo che non da tregua e che non accetta vie di mezzo. A voi decidere quindi se ne valga la pena, per me sicuramente si…Aloha!
Hard Corps' most outstanding features are the visual effects, which are, in my completely uneducated opinion, as good as Genesis graphics are ever gonna get. The bosses are animated as smooth as buttah and with very little slowdown or flicker. There's also some show-off scaling and rotation, along with a dash of morphing. Too cool.
Hard Corps does more than just provide an awesome Contra title. It's a fantastic tech demo for the Genesis and it contains more effects than Contra III on hardware that shouldn't be able to pull it off. It's always better playing co-operatively, though it's entertaining enough to go through solo. It's the final gasp for the series before it was obliterated on the PS One and Saturn and ignoring those games, it's a fine way to go out.
90 (Oct 11, 2004)
Combined with forking storylines, varying levels and fun bosses, this is a game that can be played over and over again for years to come.
Play Time (Nov, 1994)
Probotector bietet wie nicht anders zu erwarten, grandiose Action, bis die Joypads glühen, mit grafischen Effekten im Sekundentakt. Obwohl es anfänglich nicht so erscheint, beschritt Konami dabei den schmalen Grat zwischen hart und fair, wobei nur die wenigen Continues zu bemängeln sind. Für Fans harter Schießspiele geht mit diesem Modul somit ein kleiner Software-Traum in Erfüllung.
Megablast (Sep, 1994)
Trotz aller Qualitäten dieses Games wollen wir aber auch seine Schwächen nicht unter den Teppich kehren, es sind ja eh nicht viele. So kommen manche der Sprites doch arg mickrig animiert angezwitschert, wozu dummerweise auch die stählernen Hauptdarsteller gehören - die Originalsöldner der Import-Version machten da deutlich mehr her. Doch angesichts der abwechslungsreichen Futuro-Optik, des superrasanten Scrollings in Dutzenden von Ebenen und der tollen Zoom-, Dreh- und Kippeffekte kann der Grafikfeinschmecker ansonsten nun wirklich nicht klagen. Dasselbe in laut gilt für die knackigen Sound-FX. die Sprachausgabe und die antreibende Musikbegleitung. Und somit kommt das Fazit schon fast einer Werbung gleich: Wer Ballerfan ist, braucht Probotector!
Mega Fun (Oct, 1994)
Konami hat sich bei der Probotector-Konvertierung viel Zeit genommen. Herausgekommen ein brillantes, mit Special Effects gespicktes MD-Modul, das dem Anspruch „Bestes Action-Spiel auf dem Mega Drive“ mehr als gerecht wird. Hier harmonieren Leveldesign, Extrawaffen der wählbare Spielablauf sowie der verschärfte Schwierigkeitsgrad derart, daß selbst „Contra- Probotectoren“ bis dato auf der Suche nach einem Makel sind. Geht man kurzzeitig noch von einem nicht zu bewältigenden Schwierigkeitsgrad aus, so stellt sich schon nach wenigen Sessions der schaffbare und somit stets faire Ablauf dar. Bei Videospielen verhält es sich weitläufig wie im Filmgeschäft, guten Genres geht nie der Stoff aus, und erst professionelle Regisseure fügen das Puzzle aus Action, Dramaturgie und einer durchdachten Story zu einem Meisterwerk der Unterhaltung zusammen. Da gilt es nur noch ein Lob an die Konami-Designer und eine Empfehlung an alle Action-Freunde auszusprechen. Probotector, wahrhaftig, aber fair.
That Gaming Site (Nov 30, 2009)
Intense, explosive, relentless, exhausting, how many different ways can I say it? For true adrenaline-junkies, this game is incredibly fun and will pull you back in again and again.
85 (Mar 04, 2011)
Allez hop, un excellent jeu de plus dans la ludothèque de la Megadrive. Avec son gameplay nerveux, sa réalisation aux petits oignons, et son excellente durée de vie, ce Probotector se place sans aucun problème parmi les meilleurs jeux d'action de la machine. Konami a vraiment bien fait d'offrir à la Megadrive cet épisode inédit, qui prouve s'il en était besoin que la 16 bits de Sega était capable de prouesses insoupçonnées lorsqu'elle était programmée par une équipe de talent. Du très grand art signé Konami.
Video Games (Sep, 1994)
Einfach phänomenal, was die Konami-Leute alles aus dem Mega Drive herausholen können. Riesige Sprites, grandiose Explosionen und atemberaubende “Psyeudo“-3D-Effekte machen Probotector zu einem der besten Action-Spiele im Mega Drive-Bereich. (...) Bereitet das Geballere allein schon einen Heidenspaß, macht der Zweispielermodus das amüsante Actionspektakel erst perfekt. Die Levels gestatten sich sehr abwechslungsreich und lassen selbst nach stundenlangen Bildschirmsitzungen keine Langeweile aufkommen. Die Musik und Soundeffekte schallen im Konami-typischen Stil aus dem Lautsprecher. Leider sieht es mit dem Schwierigkeitsgrad anders aus: Klägliche 4 Continues, mit jeweils drei Leben haben Euch die Entwickler spendiert, was selbst Joypad-Profis in kürzester Zeit zu Verzweiflungstaten treibt (Cheat-Suche). Trotzdem hat das Modul ohne Einschränkung ein Classic verdient. Einfach zugreifen!
RetroGame Man (May 16, 2018)
In summary, Contra: Hard Corps is an awesome coopertive 2D shooter with great graphics and a steep difficulty curve. The difficulty may put some off, but if you stick with it, the game becomes more accessible and feels rewarding when you finally gain access to other levels! The addition of multiple playable characters and branching storyline really adds to the overall package.
Un gioco riuscitissimo, sotto tutti gli aspetti. Beh, a dire la verità un neo c'è, ed è anche grosso. Mi riferisco alla longevità, ahimè troppo bassa. Gli stage che compongono il gioco sono vasti, pieni di nemici e di azione, ma purtroppo sono troppo pochi. E poi ci mancavano solo i continua infiniti, troppo invitanti per poter loro resistere. Risultato: lo si finisce in poco più di un'ora. Davvero non trovo le parole per descrivere l'amarezza che ha condito la mia saliva quando mi sono accorto della ridotta lunghezza del gioco. E' difficile valutare una cartuccia di questo genere e dirvi se vale la pena comprarla. E' quasi come convincervi a comprare un cortometraggio al prezzo di un film da due ore. Alla luce di tutto ciò, la scelta è un vostro problema: lo il mio dovere l'ho fatto. Ricordatevi solamente una cosa: le emozioni più belle sono spesso anche le più brevi (e le più costose, ovviamente)!
Retroage (Sep 05, 2009)
Podsumowując - Contra Hard Corps jest grą ze wszech miar godną polecenia. Fani strzelanin na pewno się nie zawiodą. Jedynym problemem może być bardzo wysoki poziom trudności (którego niestety nie da się zmienić w menu opcji), lecz jeśli ktoś lubi ekstremalne wyzwania to jest to gra właśnie dla niego.
For those in the know, the name Contra invokes thoughts of all-out action and excitement and that's exactly what you're treated to. However, all that action leads to some serious confusion, because there's so much stuff flying around that it's easy to get hit by hidden bullets. Anyway, the game uses incredible special effects to the extreme which make it cool. On the down side, the game's hard difficulty will make it rough.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 18, 2007)
Hard Corps' rotation effects are put to good use in bosses that come apart and reassemble themselves into new configurations (like Transformers). In one "virtual" area, you fight constellations come to life. Besides the difficulty, another issue is how the game seems to degenerate into a series of lengthy boss battles. The graphics are generally good, but the lame explosions are just a bunch of red balls flying everywhere. The soundtrack is decent, but Hard Corps' voice samples are high-pitched, as if Alvin and the Chipmunks recorded them. Upon completing the game, a pitiful "ending" shows your soldier giving the thumbs-up along with the message "Good job!" Contra Hard Corps is a technical tour-de-force, but what good is that when you can't enjoy it?