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Crusader of Centy Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen of the european release
Title screen (US version)
Title screen (Japanese version)
Title screen (Korean version)
Working my way through the first trial; in search of the Bronze Medal
The view of the known world, to travel to new places (this screen shows about one fourth of the map)
After a certain point in the game the hero starts to understand what the animals are saying (unfortunately, he forgets the language of humans)
Fighting Big Bad Wolf
Here we are at Anemone Beach. And... Sonic?
Should be careful in this area, the wind blows strong here
Octopus has enslaved poor Penguy, and he's in your way!
Hot Daisy - a fire mountain
Inside the mountain
Racing Vs. cheetah
Entering Iris area with my trusty animal companions - flying squirrel and cheetah
The flower shows its intelligence after a game of "cross the river".
In the desert
Climbing a rope at the top of the Tower of Babel
Fighting a rope man
Dippy is a huge but shy dinosaur
In the frozen land
This boss changes its weakness all the time
Under the sea
Fighting Leviathan
Inside the Tower of Babel - each floor is a puzzle or an action scene
In the Place of Peace, high above the clouds
Maldra the dragon
Let it snow!
Inside a temple in the desert
Fighting Chameleon
Fighting Puppet Master
This fight is interesting as the platform rocks left and right changing the gravity
The party (or should I say inventory?) at a certain part of the game
Turns out, the monsters are not evil, they just want to live their lives in peace
A bit of Packman
Evil eye
Final boss