Daffy Duck in Hollywood Screenshots (Genesis)

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Genesis version

Title screen.
Europeans feel comfortable.
Intro sequence
Oh, how rude!
Daffy Duck takes out his gun.
Main menu
Nice film-like level-selecting screen
Level begins!
Daffy Duck jumps and sees a bubble.
Daffy Duck annihilates an enemy.
Be careful, those bushes are deadly!
Daffy Duck is killed. He becomes an angel.
Daffy Duck has a sense of swing.
Daffy Duck really needs that dynamite!
Resting in the front of dangerous cactus.
It's time to collect some bonus items.
Level complete
Level begins!
Scary, very scary
Daffy Duck rides a platform and enjoys the life.
Daffy Duck tries to push the whole forest. He doesn't succeed.
During the fight with head throwing skeleton.
A zombie is going to catch poor Daffy.
It's time to collect some bonus items.
Daffy Duck and problem with three hot pots.
The boss
Level selection - part II.
Level begins!
Daffy Duck carefully watches jumping frog.
Don't touch the burning ghost or you'll need some water.
Daffy Duck after unpleasant hit by shooting pig.
Daffy Duck balancing over the line of sharp thorns.
Daffy Duck collected the magic wand. He's now protected.
When Daffy gets bored he usually turns the player off.
Another barrier collapsing and opening new section for Daffy.
Level begins!