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Desert Demolition Starring Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote Credits


ProducerTony Van
Assistant ProducerGreg Becksted
Project ManagerJennifer Cleary
Product ManagerFrance M. Tantiado
Lead ProgrammersBarbara Michalec, Ronald Thompson
Programming TeamKeith Freiheit, John Fulbright, Bonita Kane, Jason Weesner
Animation Lead Marty Davis
Animation TeamDrew Krevi, Amber Long
BackgroundsJeff Jonas, Geoffrey Knobel, Amber Long, Mark Lorenzen, Brandon McDonald, Tom Moon, Jeff Remmer, John Roy, Rick Schmitz, Joe Shoopack
SoundSam Powell
MusicSam Powell
Test LeadsGregg Vogt, Arnold Feener, Aaron Loichinger
TestersAaron Bandur, Blair Bullock, Don Carmichael, Nathan Clark, Phillip Co, Ben Cureton, Robert DeLoach, Sean Doidge, David Forster, Howard Gipson, Devan Hammack, Scott Hill, Lloyd Kinoshita, Randy Kreidt, John Melchior, Kim Rogers, Sam Saliba, Eric Simonich, Timothy Spengler, Andrew Stess, Dan Weber, Michael Wu
ManualCarol Ann Hanshaw, Neil Hanshaw
Special Thanks toChristine Bertoglio, Rosie Rappaport, John Crumlish, Jerry Huber, Richard Karpp, Chris Kreidel, Sharie Lynn, Willie Mancero, Laetitia May, Chuck Osieja, Catherine Sollecito, Jane Shrigley, Holly J. Stein, Sutton Trout

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159029) and Tony Van (2855)