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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title Screen
Main menu
The Madman!
Mission Briefing
Your Base
Knock out the Radar
Passenger Dropoff
Destroy the power plant
Eliminate Air Defenses
Rescue Operation
Dramatic Cut-scene
Some tents blasted away by our Gunship.
You were shot down!
Rescue a TV-team in trouble.
Rescue some M.I.A.s.
Mission 1 completed.
Select your Co-Pilot.
This ZSU is history!
This prisoner is happy to see us.
Mission briefing
Rescue some UN-Inspectors.
Mission map
The madman's yacht
Game Over
Intro: The Madman's Oppressive Regime.
Intro: The Madman's Secret Bunker.
Intro: It's EANN News.
Level 1 - Missing Agent.
Level 2 - Carlos' downed plane.
Level 2 - Rescued Carlos.
Level 2 - Chemical weapons plant.
Level 2 - Captured Scud Commander.
Level 2 - The POW camp.
Level 2 - POW Camp rescue underway!
Completed a mission.
Level 3 - Biological Weapons plant.
Level 4 - The enemy is spilling oil out into the ocean.
Level 4 - Protect the oil fields.
Level 4 - Rescuing people held hostage in bomb shelters.
Level 4 - The Madman's palace.
Enemy radar & defence vehicle to destroy
My helicopter is destroyed
Take supplies
I failed...