Disney's Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Quest Credits

The Cast

Inspired ByRita Zimmerer
Concept ByDavid Siller
Produced ByBrian Ullrich
Directed ByRené Boutin
Associate ProducerDavid Siller
Designed ByBrian Ullrich, John Pickford, David McLachlan, René Boutin, David Siller
Additional Design ByDean Lester, Patrick Gilmore
Programmed ByPeter Andrew
Main ArtistsDavid McLachlan, Steven Millership
Additional ArtistLyndon Brooke, James Clarke, Paul Greenall, Denise Heywood, Martin Holland, Steve Thomas, Andy Wilson, René Boutin
Music Composition ByTony Williams
Executive ProducersRichard Kay, Michael Webb
Executive CommitteeMasami Maeda (Mr.), Tad Shimamoto (Mr.), Kiharu Yoshida (Mr.)
Thanks toMasato Kawai (Mr.), Kazuaki Gotō (Mr.), Kazuaki Okumura (Mr.), Akito Takeuchi (Mr.)
Technical ServiceAl Artus
Customer ServiceJamie Jorgenson, Julie Williams, Kazuko Harman, Erin Berry, June Eckert
Game Manuals ByAlison Quirion
Marketing and Advertising ByKaren Shadley
Game TestersSam Patel, Steve Rizor, David Luszcz, Dan MacArthur, Chun Wah Kong, Darin Horgan, Mario Zavala, Justin Siller, Malcolm Daglish
Special Thanks ToNanette Hyssong, Sherry Ross, Mark Luszcz, Toko Okano, Karen Lillie, Connie Perez, Geoff Gillis, Kenji Yoshioka, Tom Juarez
Very Special Thanks ToShelley Miles, Cathy Fortier, Susan Fuller
Developed BySoftware Creations

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Credits for this game were contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8699)