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Disney's Pocahontas Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

enter: Pocahontas
title screen
standard platform climbing
the deer's stuck..
helping the deer can earn you its spirit..
..which helps Pocahontas to run faster.
getting otter's spirit..
..enables Pocahontas to swim..
..and dive from heights.
hiding in the bushes
meeting John Smith
making friends
word to the wise
Password screen
There are 5 necklaces to collect in total
Meeko can't swim so you'll have to transport him across the lake
End of stage 1, Pocahontas meets up with her father
A password for this stage is displayed
Meeko listens in on the conversation below
Only Meeko can climb up these trees and collect the berries
Found another necklace
For rescuing the bear cub Pocahontas receives the bear spirit
Dropped a beehive near a settler
Scaring away another settler by using the bear spirit
Last stage, Pocahontas has to save John Smith before sun rise
Almost there
Beautiful vista