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Disney's Toy Story Credits


Published byDisney Interactive
Program and DesignJon Burton (Travellers Tales)
Art DirectionAndy Ingram (Travellers Tales)
ProducerCraig Annis (Disney Interactive)
Senior ProducerSteven Riding (Sony Psygnosis)

Travellers Tales

Project Design and DevelopmentJon Burton, Andy Ingram
BackgroundsAndy Ingram, Beverley Bush
3D AnimationDavid Burton, James Cunliffe, Andy Ingram
Additional ProgrammingDavid Dootson, Paul Hunter, Chris Stanforth
Production SupportKaren Roberts

Disney Interactive

Senior ProducerPatrick Gilmore
Associate ProducerLeila Chang
Music AdaptationPatrick J. Collins
Project ManagerC. Steve Booth
Senior Software Production AdministratorMichael Sean Clement
Pull‑String AnimationOliver Wade, Tamara Holcomb
Original Toy Story Music and ScoreRandy Newman
Voice ArtistsCorey Burton, R. Lee Ermey, Patrick Fraley, Jim Hanks, Wallace Shawn
Manual WriterKevin G. Sullivan
Test SupervisorJeffrey W. Blattner
Lead TesterWilliam Beaman (Chip)
TestersAndre Aguilar, Kristin Bachman, Roger Bray, John Castro, Kevin Cope, Paul Factora, Tim Garrity, Brian Larkin, Patrick Larkin, Wes Lazara, Ronny Louie, Luigi Priore, Hugo Stevenson
Additional Test SupportKeith Higashihara

Sony Psygnosis

Music SupervisorPhilip Morris
Music Composition and AdaptationAndy Blythe, Marten Joustra
Sound Design and Music ImplementationAllister Brimble
Production SupportJohn Rostron, Sara Lawrence, Greg Duddle
Quality Assurance ManagerChris Rowley


Technical DirectorsTony Apodaca, Kevin Bjorke (Lighting), David Valdez (Layout)
Animation Department ManagerTriva Von Klark
AnimatorsAsh Brannon, Davey Crockett Feiten, Mark Oftedal, Steve Segal
Special ThanksRalph Guggenheim, Bonnie Arnold, John Lasseter, Pan Kerwin, Monica Corbin

Walt Disney Feature Animation and Disney Animation Services

Production SupportTamara Boutchner, Stephanie Parker

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Credits for this game were contributed by Evil Ryu (65820)