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Earthworm Jim 2 Credits

57 people (36 developers, 21 thanks)


Executive ProducerDavid A. Luehmann
Project ManagerScott Herrington
Asst. Project ManagerAndrew Brown
Lead TesterAndrew Brown
PIE QA CrewLee Jones, James Martinez, Jose Zatarain, Manuel Quinones, Carlos Rodriguez
Marketing ManagerKelly Frey
Manual written byScott Herrington
Special Thanks toThomas Chan, Richard Sallis, Dave Hoffman, Sharon Bowman, Kathy Sison, Golin/Harris Communications, Sachs Finley & Co., Moore & Price Design Group


ProgramAndy Astor
Additional ProgrammingNicholas A. Jones, David Perry
Art DirectorNick Bruty
Lead ArtistsStephen Crow, Mark Lorenzen
Additional ArtTom Tanaka, Rod Altschul, Lin Shen, Clark Sorenson
Animation DirectorMichael Francis Dietz
AnimatorsShawn McLean, Larry Whitaker, Edward Schofield, Jeff Etter, Douglas TenNapel
Assistant AnimatorsEric Ciccone, Roger Hardy Jr.
Clean UpDave Bombadier, Nancy Fernandez
Level DesignerTom Tanaka
Fine Art Director & IllustrationsMichael Koelsch
Music & Sound EffectsTommy Tallarico Studios Inc.
Designed ByShiny Entertainment [Many, More Shiny Meetings]
Produced ByDavid A. Luehmann, Scott Herrington
Development Tools ByAndy Astor, Dan Chang, PSY-Q, ALIAS, Rob Northern Computing
Special ThanksCharles Loop, Chris Mayberry, Sandy Burusco, Brad Hartke, Brenda Bolanos, Stacy Hering Astor, Becky Tran, Nicole Smith, Richard Sallis, Angie TenNapel, Kris Stoyak, Chips & Bread, Misc. Farm Animals


Dedicated to the memory ofMike Pilotti

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Credits for this game were contributed by Freeman (66419) and Rik Hideto (471358)

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