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Atari Gravitar

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And so Eliminate Down is a ten out of ten. It's not as polished as Lightening Force, the Sega 16-bit's more celebrated shmup gem, nor is it as clean and balanced. But it's big and impressive in excess, without the stabilizer muscles that effect perfect symmetry: a gun show with no legs. R-Type fans are welcome, as you'll need that ingenious screen-clearing strategizing for the impossible scenarios, and the weapon toggling will replace your Force Device management. Twitch shooter fans should rejoice as well: when the trial-and-error based planning is behind you, there will still be copious bullets to slip. Despite its cost and obscurity, shooter fan, find Eliminate Down. It’s a nasty piece of work, but you’ll love the way it hurts.
Classic-games.net (May 08, 2019)
Eliminate Down is not only one of the Genesis’ best shooters, it is one of the best of the 16-bit era. Excellent art direction, high end technical brilliance, and great gameplay combine to create a game that still impresses today.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 04, 2012)
La petite équipe d'Aprinet avait tout compris. Eliminate Down contient tous les ingrédients pour être le meilleur shoot horizontal sur Megadrive, mais le mélange montre parfois ses limites et accumule de petits défauts. Le côté roublard du soft risque en plus de décourager les moins acharnés, alors qu'une véritable profondeur et un gros plaisir de jeu attendent ceux assez braves pour s'y mettre à fond. Si vous vous sentez de ceux-là, et si vous refusez les moyens bon marché pour obtenir une version du jeu, il est encore temps d'aérer les placards des collectionneurs et de faire chauffer cette cartouche !
Quebec Gamers (Jul 23, 2008)
Eliminate Down n'est pas seulement un jeu "hypé" par les collectionneurs à cause de sa rareté, c'est réellement un des meilleurs shmups de la console!
Pixel-Heroes.de (Oct, 2006)
Insgesamt bietet Eliminate Down acht harte Levels, die alles andere als Zuckerschlecken sind. Technisch bis auf paar Kleinigkeiten einwandfrei, kann man das Spiel jedem Shooter-Fan mit Biss empfehlen, da man hier für das viele Geld ein wirklich einzigartiges Shoot´em up bekommt. Mit dem schönen Cover macht es sich sicher in jeder Vitrine gut.
Sega-16.com (Jan 03, 2008)
The hardest part of doing the review of Eliminate Down was the score. The game to me is higher than an eight, but lower than a nine. Personally I would be happy if I gave the game an 8.5 (for sprite flicking, which I took a point off for, along with the speed change mishap, which should be a half point off). Since we don't do half-scores over here at Sega-16 I must give it an eight or a nine. After thinking about it (and rounding up) I'll give Eliminate Down a nine. It's close to perfection, and the good overrides the bad 10x over.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 23, 2013)
Eliminate Down is pretty rare but I would advise against anyone shelling out big bucks for this forgettable shooter.

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