F-15 Strike Eagle II Credits


Original DesignSid Meier, Andy Hollis
Design RevisionRichard Lemarchand
Conversion ProgrammingChris Newcombe
Additional ProgrammingJim Gardner, Paul Houbart, Mark Langerak
Original ProgrammingAdrian Scotney, Tim Walter
Conversion ArtworkPaul Ayliffe, Trevor Slater
Original ArtworkMark L. Scott
Project ManagementDawn Hickman, Stuart Whyte
Audio byKrisalis Software Ltd.
MusicMatt Furniss
DriversShaun Hollingworth
SamplesAndrew Parton
Quality AssuranceNick Stokes, Philip McDonnell (Phill McDonall), Paul Coppins, Paul McCarthy, Paul Stapley, Michael Craighead, James McDonald, John Smith
DocumentationAlkis Alkiviades
Packaging DesignMoshe Milich
Manual DesignJoseph Morel
Product ManagerCarl Knoch

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Credits for this game were contributed by 80 (6538) and リカルド・フィリペ (152076)