Advertising Blurbs

U.S. print ad (SNES):
    The battle of fate has begun...

    Fatal Fury is here, and only Takara brings home all the power of the smash coin-op arcade megahit. Experience heart-pounding street-fighting action for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. Battle against cruel and vicious enemies to be crowned King of Fighters!

    Blazing fast animation and realistic moves make this game the one to beat! Use all your fighting skills, for each villain is huge and dangerous. Choose from among three fighting heroes - each with his own unique style of fighting. Use fists and feet to defeat all foes but beware - your enemies possess hidden powers that defy the force of Nature itself. Witness their terrible might as they transform themselves, hurling energy blasts, tornadoes, even turning their entire bodies into human torches! And even as you pound them one by one, waiting and watching is the Big Boss himself - the strongest and meanest foe of all!

    The battle is joined on a journey through the mean streets of Southtown. Fight hard as day turns to night on the beach, or as driving rain clouds your sight at the Chinese Temple. Superb animation and horizontal scrolling reveal new areas of the challenge, as attack after attack is met and mastered.

    Realistic characters, multiple action moves, special skills, all this combined with lightning speed to create the perfect fighting action game. Take on the computer or another player head-to-head. Can you handle the challenge of Fatal Fury and become the King of Fighters?

    Contributed by lugnut (382) on May 12, 2004.