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FIFA International Soccer Credits

61 people (44 developers, 17 thanks)


Lead ProgrammerJan G. Tian
ProgrammersBrian Plank, Kevin P. Pickell
Lead ArtistGeorge Ashcroft
ArtistsDianna Davies, David Adams, Suzan Germic, Mike S. Smith
Music & SoundJeff van Dyck
Sound TechnologyKevin P. Pickell
ProducerBruce E. McMillan
Development DirectorJoe Della-Savia
Associate ProducerKevin Buckner, Matthew Webster
Game DesignJan G. Tian, Matthew Webster, Brian Plank, George Ashcroft, Kevin P. Pickell, Bruce E. McMillan, Joe Della-Savia
Lead TestersLee Patterson, Bryan C. Beckstrand, Nick Goldsworthy
Product ManagerNeil Thewarapperuma, Chip Lange
Technical DirectorColin McLaughlan
Executive ProducersDonald A. Mattrick, Joss Ellis
Special ThanksJules Burt (for initial design concepts), Jon Law (for initial design concepts), Tony Waiters, Claudio Maurizio, Christopher Thompson, David Wilson, Stanley Chow, Ivana Petrak, Jadranka Travica, Steve Livaja, Ivan Allan, Marc Aubanel, Wayne Radford, Richard Mul, John Vilandre, Gordon Bellamy, Keith Cooper
Package DesignE.J. Sarraille Design Group
DocumentationNeil Cook
Documentation DesignPeter Larsen
Documentation Design (US)Jennie Maruyama
TestersLee Patterson (for EAC), Jon Bruce (for EAC), James Fairweather (for EAC), Paul Smith (for EAC), Mike Bruce (for EAC), John Santamaria (for EAC), David Bowry (for EAUK), Graham Harbour (for EAUK), Ian Gray (for EAUK), Jamie Bradshaw (for EAUK), Darren King (for EAUK), Jon Law (for EAUK), Colin McLaughlan (for EAUK), Diarmid Clarke (for EAUK), Hugh David (for EAUK), Bryan C. Beckstrand (for EASM), John Vilandre (for EASM), Gordon Bellamy (for EASM)
Quality AssurancePeter Murphy (for EAUK), Alex Camilleri (for EAUK), H. Erik Whiteford (for EASM), Ted Fitzgerald (for EASM)

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Credits for this game were contributed by リカルド・フィリペ (337537), Terok Nor (29418) and formercontrib (158605)