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Written by  :  aaron pridemore (11)
Written on  :  Oct 27, 2003
Platform  :  Genesis

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An instant classic. Responsive control, ambient soundtrack...Need I say more?!

The Good

I love dark sci-fi. I mean movies, games, stories, anything. That's why Delphine Internationals' Flashback: The Quest for Identity has been on my top 5 list since it's 1993 heyday. The story is top notch. It's about an alien plot to take out the "human vermin" and make our world their own. Sounds generic, but the story never gets too confusing, or too vague. The graphics are great. The motions, captured from actual people (big at the time, digitized graphics were!), are numerous, making every movement look fluid. The sporadic music is perfectly placed. The levels present a challenge, and make for a near perfect game!! ------****1/2-------

The Bad

Less frequent save points, and single hit kills (the green force coming out of the ground, electric ground) are kind of annoying, but once you learn where they are, it's cake. The control scheme has confused people, myself included. I know peeps that have given up after 5 min. but loved everything else!!

The Bottom Line

A futuristic sci-fi platformer, a departure from gaming conformity. Rules were broken and created with this one. Patience is a virtue, and well worth it once you're warmed up. For any gamer, Flashback is like avant-garde 101.