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Flicky Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
Explanations about the game
With a chicken on the back, it's difficult to fly...
Hi there, kitty! Long time no see!
Hey, maybe it is the wrong door?..
A level with an elephant
Come quick, little guys!
This is a bonus round; it appears after three regular ones
Go get 'em!
A fierce battle on the floor
I take some time to smell the flower and to chat with the butterfly
The chickens seem to be in a sort of trouble...
Looking in the mirror, I see a handsome middle-aged blue dude with an attitude
Ultra-futuristic level... or whatever it is
Here I must fly a lot. Not much floor, that's the problem...
Beautiful nocturnal level
The Path to Infinity...
Nice, cozy room... with a weird car at the top
Want to drink some coffee?
Hey, how can I pass? The wall is blocking the way!
Where to go now?..
For Sega fans - beat first 10 stages with a perfect score and you'll see a half-naked girl shake her booty at the bottom of the screen