General Chaos Credits (Genesis)

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General Chaos Credits


Concept and DesignBrian Colin, Jeff Nauman
SoftwareJeff Nauman
ArtBrian Colin
Music & Sound EffectsMichael Bartlow
ProducerJim Simmons
Associate ProducerChris Wilson
Assistant ProducerJeff Glazier
Technical DirectorTim Brengle
Testing ManagerRandy Delucchi
Product TestingYun Shin, Tony Iuppa, David Costa, Steve Imes
Product ManagerLisa Higgins
Marketing Art DirectionNancy Waisanen
Package DesignThe Dynamic Duo
DocumentationMichael Humes
Documentation LayoutEmily Favors
Quality AssuranceTed Fitzgerald, Terrence Chin
Invaluable Support fromSteve Ulstad, Joel Nauman, Tim Brengle, Thomas S. DeBry
Special Thanks toRichard Robbins, John Manley

Electronic Arts Canada Inc. — Japanese Localization

Department ProducerIvan Allan
ProgrammingHiroshi Ueda
Assistant ProducerMasahiko Yoshizawa

Electronic Arts Victor Inc. — Japanese Staff

Quality AssuranceYasuhiro Suzuki
ProducerPeter Murphy (as Murphy), Shinichiro Takagi

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Credits for this game were contributed by Luis Silva (13612) and リカルド・フィリペ (146030)