Written by  :  Mavi Bacon (15)
Written on  :  Mar 26, 2009
Platform  :  Genesis
Rating  :  4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars

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This is one of my favorite games for the Genesis, let alone, my favorite game of the GNG series.

The Good

They put a lot of work, porting the game into the Genesis. The graphics aren't as good as the arcade but still top-notch for the early days. The game still have the hard-challenging addicting gameplay that the series is known for. Also, though the beginning intro is gone from the port, but the ending is there, at least. And finally, even when I beat the game, I still come back to it.

The Bad

The music, just like most games of the Genesis back in 1989, just has that tingly feel in the music and it's annoying. The backgrounds are ridiculously messed up. There's barely any detail in the backgrounds and I come to think of it, "Where is the background?"...Also, the lack of the beginning intro from the arcade (so what?) and the difficulty even on "Professional" is below the difficulty of the arcade, which makes it easy (I beat this game a few times without using a continue).

The Bottom Line

Despite it's downgrades from the arcade, it's still a pretty good port and this is the game back then, I played this a lot in my days and I still do it, today. This game, I love it even with it's negatives. I love it so, much...this game, is my favorite game of the GNG series. This port proves the Genesis still has it's power from the port. This game is exactly Strider-material, but it's still one of my favorite games ever on the Genesis.