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Haunting Starring Polterguy Screenshots (Genesis)

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Title screen
All members of the Sandini family have a short introduction.
The game has a short, non-interactive tutorial.
Easy, there, easy!
If you run out of ectoplasma, you are thrown into a hellish dungeon and need to collect new.
Polterguy serves a bloody surprise.
Scared the whole bunch out of this house.
You're not the only supernatural thing around here.
The map where the player can see the location of each family member, their status, and Fear Factor points
You can directly control some possessed objects for higher fear effect
Ghoul from the attic (or is it air vent?)
A vampire in the closet
His head literally blew up
I scared the lady down to her panties
Hey there sexy lady!..
....oh my!
A giant running nose
Polterguy is all about 'tude, yo
That little dog is the scariest thing in the game. It can easily drain Polterguy's energy if it spots him
A bleeding tortured baby in a shower booth...This wasn't possible on the SNES back in the day, was it?
There's a number of special abilities available
One ability lets you attack the Sardinis directly
You can plant a scary present in any empty room, and then activate it from another room when a Sardini enters it
Turd-throwing goblin. Yeah.
Bang bang! You're dead
The octopus is coming for you
Bloody limbs
Final boss (and the only boss), first form
Final boss, second form